Chance of getting 5* Heroes or 4* troops has to be balanced

Hello everyone,

I’m playing this wonderful game for almost 3 months and I found the chance of getting 5* heroes or 4* troops very unbalanced. In my alliance some players got several 5* heroes in 2-3 weeks. I have spent more than 100€ and i still haven’t get the chance to get 1 5* heroe or a 4* troops. It’s like the more you will spent the less you will have nice heroes or troops because you are willing to spend money. it’s kind of unfair.
and I don’t talk about tools you need to up your heroes. you get one every 3 weeks if you are lucky (in my case).


I’m curious how much those in your alliance with multiple 5* have spent? Hmm…


Not that much. Not more than 40€. I’m the one who spent the mst.
In my alliance, 1 of my team mate got 2 5* with 600 gemmes. This luck!!!

What did you spend your gems on? 109€ buys you 10.000 gems, or something like 20 heroes summons and 30 troops summons. The chance to get a 5* hero or 4* troop is a few %. It is likely to get at least one, but no way guaranteed.

The summons are pure luck. And there is no bad luck prevention. If you summon 30 times and don’t get a 5* hero then the next 10 summons will have the same chance as the first 10 to give one.


I bought 6000 jewels? Did not get a 5 * hero

I really think its normal… If there was a standard number like (1 5* hero GUARANTEED every 40 summons), every $100 would give you a 5*… and that means it would be fair to NOT ALLOW more than 1 hero every 40 summons. That would decrease a lot the interest on the game, and kill every F2P player from the belief to get something good (even after a long time).

I think you could argue more about getting a HOTM (after so many pulls) than get a regular 5* since they are really hard to get by any chance (epic summon, elemental summon, TC20, event ranking, etc.)

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I’ve been playing for the better part of a year and still have no blue 4 star troops.

For what it’s worth, after playing since May I’ve yet to see every type of 3* troop, having at most three variants of each, let alone get a working set of 4*. I’ve only got three of those to date.

Same here.

No fire 4* troops, instead i have 4 blues.

I’d like to see how “getting a 5*” can be balanced. Any thoughts?

Give them all to me.
Then i split what i don’t like to all the other players.

Seems fair :face_with_monocle:

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Yep. Keep 5* drop random, but guaranteed after x unsuccessful draws. The gap should grow exponentially. So you get first after 10 draws, then after 20, then after 40 etc. This is just example with random numbers. The point is to make 1 or 2 accessible for everyone, even those with really bad luck, after small investment. But to get 4 or more you will still need a lot of luck or invest in many 10x pulls. But there will be light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:

Similar can be made with HotM. I’m pretty sure that more people would invest if they knew that 50th summon (since beginning of the month) guarantees HotM. Some will still get HotM sooner, but no one would cry on forum they got nothing after 70 pulls.


Hope this helps…I upgraded to training camp 20…tc20…and am not spending money…I play province19/9 and 8/7 to quickly get green men…@rook

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