Chance of 4* troops at 10x summon


13 months and some change in game, and it was a year before I had yellow or green 4* troops at all. I still don’t have a 4* yellow crit or green mana troop, and only got a purple mana a couple of weeks back.

My experience is that the rarity of getting 4* troops is so high that it puts me off the idea of paying gems for rolls for them at all. I get HotM more often than I get 4* troops.


I have a massive stockpile of red 2 and 3* troops for the day I get a red 4* troop…gonna be an expensive ham day when that happens :slight_smile:


I think they nerfed 4* troops. I got 6 in the first 4 or 5 months of playing and haven’t seen one since (been playing since may 2017). I’m still looking for a green one. Like the person above, I’m running a 4130 team with a green 3*. The 4* are all level 15-20 . I refuse to invest any further in a 3*.


I stopped my red 3* troop at 11…it’s on Ares and focused on health/defense so I can live with it, but still seems insane I don’t have at least one 4* red troop after a year plus.


I’ve been curious about these odds too myself.

Getting zero or one 4* troops in a 10-pull seems kinda typical, so I’m going to guess that the odds are under 10%, probably more like 5%.

With more data collected (50 10-pulls?) we could estimate the odds … but even without that, it is clear that they suck.

When you are down to wanting a troop of that one last color (hello, purple 4*, please!) the odd go from “sucky” down to “sucky/5” (~1%)

And if you really want one specific mana or crit troop they drop further, all the way to “sucky/10” (~0.5%)! :rofl: