Chance of 4* troops at 10x summon

Can anyone who has tried the 10x summon of troops explain how many 4* troops you get out of the 10?
I’m doubting if its worth to buy such a pack.
I know there is no certainty but i’m curious to your experience with those troop packs.

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I’ve done the 10x troop pull once and only recieved one 4*. Worth it? I can’t tell. At least the extras are good for leveling up or if you need spares for events or titans.

I only did a few 10x pulls and I think I got 1 on each except for one only 3*.
So in my experience 5-10% chance.
It’s hard to get 4* troops any other way.

pulled 3 x 10 and got ONE

Chance, chance! Some get great results on 10x pulls, others get nothing but 3* or duplicates. You are taking a chance to see whether you are lucky (like some).

Just be aware before you pull the lever.


The chance is less than one in 10, more like the 1/30 that @rook stated in my experience. Have done 6 or so looking for my last 4* with critical chance. Finally got it.

It’s roughly 10% in my experience, I’ve probably rolled more troops than most.

Gone sometimes with 0, and other times with 4/10 in terms of 4* pulls in a single 10.


I agree that the chance is probably lower than 5% if I count in all the pulls from free tokens.

i did a purple pull. got two tiburtus and two cyprians. also got a balthazar and two tyrums… don’t remember the rest though.

so i ended with 4, technically

I do five single pull short after i began to play, get all 5 different colors and two 4* troops.
Right now i still miss one troop, but i get the other 2 and some double 4* from tokens.

I’ve done a couple on beta (when we had 10k gems I spent them all on troops). I already had 4* troops in 3 colours, and after 10k gems I only had one more colour 4* troops. I did get some duplicates, but it was very far from satisfying for me…so I decided I wouldn’t ever waste gems on it (not my earned ones haha, but even if I bought i probably wouldn’t)

I find troops more enjoyable than heros when you get nothing new. Mainly because feeder troops are much harder to come by. I wpuld highly recommend 10 troop pulls when you have no 4* troops or only a few. Once you have 1 4* in each color it becomes a much harder decision


I think I’ve gotten 4 troop tokens in the past month from events and got 2 4* troops :wink:

I have 1 4* troop I got from an epic troop token…the 3 10 pulls for Tripp’s I have done have gotten me a total of 30 3* troops and of course 0 4* troops…

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Thanks for your input everyone! Much appreciated!

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Just to add, this morning I did my first 10 pull of for troops. Very pleased to get bot blue and purple 4* troops, so only need a yellow to have full rainbow set.

Been building up gems for a couple months and obviously feel it was well worth it. :grin:

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Got my third 10x troop summon today. 10x 3* and 0x 4*.

Previous two (few days earlier, and two weeks ago) were the same…
How cruel is this?


Is it more cruel to have a 4100 team power and a red 3* troop as your best red troop after a year plus of game play? Asking for a friend…or not. Also only one yellow and one green. 4 each of purple and blue though…

I feel you @sleeperZ96BT

me too. the struggle is real

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