%-Chance like Vegas?

I get no success,
when i try train my heros or fight against Titans.

  • Today Hero-Training:
    3x 22% and 4x 45% without Skill Ups
  • Only 1 of 8 Titan-Hits miss when blinded.
    But Blindchance is 35% ?

Anything goes wrong… :confused:

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My skill ups tend to range between 8-24% (that’s where they tend to skill up). Others have reported skilling up below and above that. The only guaranteed skill up is 100% (4 duplicates of the card you want to skill up).

Even though my cards usually skill up between that percentage, I always have a few stubborn cards that defy me.

When I figure those out I’ll let you know. :wink:

More stars a Titan have, less is affected by blindness.
Or so i think.

Oh, and i miss a level up with 90% probability.
So… cheer up.

You have 90 seconds and in this time you rather count hits from titan instead of hitting him more?
And 1 of 8 is not very accurate and reliable. Keep counting and when you have 1000 Titan hits, that’s a number.

And last thing, I think Elpis is right, pretty sure the 35% chance is for 1 Star Titans. Maybe a 2 Star Titan has only 32%
and so on. And when you have your 1000 Titan hits, pretty sure the Missing chance is correct.

6 Star Titans are very resist against Blind.
1 of 8 Hits miss.

Urgh… Its uncool… extremely uncool.
The really Skill Up Chance is far lower than normal.

Actually i count 2 of 13 success with 22% minimum.

I just fire my arrows and keep going. :grin:

22% chance to lvl up skill is 78% chance not to lvl up skill.

Doing a 20% 5 times does not equal a guaranteed lvl up - you still have way more chance to not lvl it.

It sucks, it will go slow, but usually you’ll have them maxed in the end. Keep feeding them as much as you can and try to get the number as high as possible! I’ve heard of people with a 99% chance that didn’t get it.


Loorts, four 3* duplicates of the exact same card (say four Banes on Bane) read 100% chance in game to skill up…are you saying this is incorrect?

I believe Loorts is referring to 5 seperate 20% chances

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Well that would make more sense! :grin:

But still, if the screen says 100%, can’t we trust that it’s a sure-fire skill up? (Please don’t tell me no!)

Yeap what Talisax said. If it says 100% I do believe it is 100% :slight_smile:

(just tried to make a point that 99% of skill lvl could still go wrong).


I feel like another game…
Over there it was a % Chance to Level Up
your Creatures.
In a Event you have a doubled Chance
(Up to 60%) for high Levels.
But my real Success was 15%.
My Cousin Success got like 80%.
We both are No Payer, so we got the same requirements.
Do anyone know this Weird kind of happening?
It feels like the Account get broken.

I believe 100% means 100%,
but 7 Fails in a row with 22% and 45% trys
make this game looks like Pay2Win.

Whenever good or bad “luck” prevails, it’s prolly an issue of RNG.

Not everything in this game is random (or truly random), but a lot is. When you’re facing the random, you may get the false sense that your cousin is more lucky than you are, rather than you both have faced the game’s internal roll(s) on something, and he had more favorable roll(s) than you.

Unfortunately, it is what it is.

Yeah… Maybe the 60% are for all players.
That make sense: Its Like a Lottery!
When Players fails other get higher Chances.
But i am still Unlucky at things like that.
Uncool. :frowning:

Ok I think this treat is done.
But i have a last question:
It seems Titans have random Attack in every Round.
Sometimes every of my Heroes can take two attacks, next round everyone get Onehit.
Thats normal? :confused:

Wowowow! I think i should keep more calm with this Game. In this this time i got 3 Skill Ups in a row with 12-20%. Nice Payback. :slight_smile:

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I’m training a 3* team for Challenge Events and it’s been more difficult to get their specials to level than 4 and 5*, who always eventually get there before lv 70 and often way before. I even have one at max with special at lv 3 even though I only fed same colour 5 to 10 at a time. Now I only feed the max 10 at a time. Bit annoying for a side project ;-).

Just train and feed lol. Itll happen.

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