Chance for monthly hero from Epic troop summons


Just adjust it so we have the same chance per gem spent (as epic troops are cheaper) so we don’t have to miss out on what we need to get the monthly hero. Rolling for heroes is fine, but if you were lucky with troops you always get a chance for the hero of the month, if you pay for epic troops you get no chance. Doesn’t seem fair.


I don’t understand from “if you were lucky with troops” downward. What am I missing?


I made that same suggestion to the devs a while ago. I don’t want to buy hero summons just for the monthly chance, because it mostly gives heroes I already have. So I won’t spend on it to just get the monthly. But I could spend on troops, as duplicate troops can be used for leveling others troops, if there is a monthly hero chance too.


If you don’t need troops every gem spent (for summons) gives you a chance at the hero. If you are in the reverse position, you will never get the monthly hero spending gems on what you need.


Gotcha. I need to stop reading late at night… :wink: