Chance for hero/troop drops

Hi there,

The game gives some provinces where you have some higher chances to get specific materials. Of course the 4 star ascension materials and the rare 3 star ones (orb, gloves, compass etc) do not drop in provinces fights.

But the game does not specify the following:

  1. Provinces that give you a higher chance of getting troops and/or heroes
  2. Provinces that give more recruits

Is there any help/guidance on the above? I generally noticed that province 2 stages give much more recruits.

For chance of troop/hero drop I was asked by teammates and I realised that I never noticed the drop rates of any specific stage so here I am asking the experts :wink:

Thank you!

Troops and heroes drops are completely random (about quantity, element and stars).
And the best ratio recruits/flag is found in stage 8-7. Also this is the best stage to fill quickly your common monster chests.

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Such a rapid response, thanks!

But I would like a further clarification, 8-7 means stage 8, province 7? And I guess season 2??

Sorry, I could have explained it better.
It means province 8 stage 7, season 1. Always province first. Also you could add a number indicating the season: 1-8-7
“2-15-8 hard” will be “season 2, province 15, stage 8, hard mode” (also a great place to get recruits)


Great coding, thanks for the explanation :grin:

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Province 7 Stage 4 is the best for filling your common monster chests.

As for recruits, I agree with that :wink:

The best guide for locating which province is best for any particular loot item (including recruits) is:

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