Chance dropp of the legegendary heroes

1.3 процента бро… они считаю что ай да ну и норм пусть тартяь мне в карман бабки

Pretty new to the game, i summoned several times *10 and now summoned 30 and got no legendary and from the last 30 i got only 5 epics lol. So i decided to come here and check the chance of getting it, only 1.3? Really? Meaning they keep spamming the same garbage heroes to paying customers? It’s not like they got such a variety of heroes and only a couple are really hard to get. You can spend a lot and still be stuck and limited on the 4 stars level without making any progress once you develop them to the max. Well thanks for saving me money and i don’t believe people here defending them lol

true dude
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La verdad si es muy injusto juntar tanto gemas y monedas de Atlantis para que te den los mismos héroes de siempre así te aparezca eventos de día de muerto, navidad héroes de cuentos, el país de las maravillas de que sirve si no a todos se da la oportunidad de tener héroes de cualquier de esa índole a mí me han dado demaciados repetidos de 3 estrellas que son más mayoría en aparecen en las invocaciones y la verdad da coraje de lo mucho que cuesta juntar gemas y gastar dinero para tener gemas

Oh? What happens once you cross over? Is there a 1.3% chance of this occurring? Because if there is, I’ll RNG until the cows come home.

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I have no idea how that was, or ended up being directed at u @Hrairoo. Honestly it was not my intent to send that anyone’s way individually. I must have hit the wrong reply arrow. Also I’ve thought about it anyway and its not my right to judge anyone’s reason for venting. I just read a post earlier in this topic when I replied and it was literally hoping for the game to crash and burn and accusing people of being thieves basically. Again my sincerest apologies if fhat somehow got sent to u.

Oh @EVA01! I am totally joking with you. You are the nicest person when communicating on the forum. I thought it was quite funny that you were slipping toward the dark side! No need to apologize to me. I hope you have a great day and continue to see the bright side in all things…but, if you do find yourself in the darkness…please call me so we can party! :wink: