Chance at past monthly heroes in TC20


Since Training Camp 20 has a chance at Legendary Heroes why not have a chance of training one of the past monthly heroes such as Heli, Athena, Ares in there. This way it gives people a chance of getting heroes that are no longer possible to get.


Hel / Athena will probably be re-released at some point in the future, maybe starting as soon as the November / December though Hel would be fun for some sort of Halloween event too.

If they were to do this, most everyone who paid to get the heroes (their individual choice) would probably boycott immediately.

I get it, F2P players aren’t likely to get the heroes, but the same is true with the rest of the 5* heroes for example.


When the Flavor of the Month heroes first appeared, it was explicitly stated that these were one-time heroes.

Now SG can reverse themselves if they so choose, but why? They risk alienating those who killed themselves at the time to get each card.

Personally, I like the concept of a one-time hero, then gone. Then everyone looks different in Raid, not cloned copies of each other, with everyone sporting the exact same heroes.


Athena was a “Hero of the month”? In “my Summon Portal” she is still displayed and she was the only reason, why I purchased 2 Elemantary Packs.


$$ :).

I was t around when they were first releases; hadn’t realized it was explicitly stated.


“These heroes are only examples of what you might get…”


Not in favour of bringing back heroes that were one-time heroes of the month. Fully agree with Rook that more variety is better (I like coming across some of the bunnies of the first event every now and then, hope the same will happen with the pirates).

What I would suggest though (not sure if it is already possible, but i believe not), is that the current hero of the month is available (with very small odds) in training camp 20 during it’s own month.


They could keep the hero unique, and just recycle the special attack or create a derivation of it. I mean, you want Athena and Hel because their specials are kick a$$, right? That’s why I want them.

I have Ares, he’s ok. I’m not sure if I had another 5* red I’d use him that much though. I use him because he’s one of two 5* I have and the other option would be to use a 3* in his place. a level 3 maxed Ares is a touch more useful than a 3* :slight_smile:


Just maybe? :slight_smile:


I like the idea of being able to obtain the current monthly hero through TC20 training, but after that you can’t obtain them again. This makes it fair for all the people who spent tons of money trying to get Athena who is still the best in the game. I am sure in the future SG will introduce better and better heroes to drain everyone’s wallets.


Maybe starting in October they could make it that you have a chance of obtaining the Hero of the Month thourgh TC20. Only for the month that is available. It is so rare in obtaining a 5 star through these camps that I would not get your hopes up that you will obtain though. Going back and making Hel, Athena, Ares and Musashi available in TC20 now…would only make players irate and cause more people to quit.
Likewise if they offer these past heros of the month again there will be a revolt. As mentioned, it was stated they were one time heros for that specific month. There are so many variations they can make that recycling the exact same ones is not really to their benefit. If they recycle, those that have already bought wont need to buy again and they will lose faith. New heros every month at least is interesting.


Why would someone be revolted that much, it’s not like everyone has training camp lvl 20 left and right, and people who do have training camp lvl 20 by now most of them probably has monthly heroes as well.

I completely support the idea of adding % chance at lvl 20 TC for monthly heroes draw.


+1 Loorts. Unique heros are meant to be a one time only card that you could get. If someone is upset they didnt get one, they save your gems and tey for the next.


I have several of the heroes of the month and would not mind if those heroes came back from time to time. Maybe Ares should come back next August as a once a year thing. The devs May like this because someone may stick around several more months to get that one hero. This would spring up more chances for people to spend money (although the pricing of things definitely need tweaking).