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Today i was thinking about the hero chest (40/40) and i’m really confused because we’re getting points for killed Heroes on the raids/ tournaments but we get none for killing enemies on the war… is it supposed to work like that?

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Don’t complain, or SG will not count the tournament anymore :smile:


Don’t complain, or SG will not count revenge on cup-drop defeats anymore :grin:


yes it’s suppossed to work like that, I have no idea why though. I personally would like the opportunity to get hero kills for my chest through wars as well.


Agree. Killed hero is a killed hero. War kills should be counted in hero chest. It doesn’t matter in never worked this way because it should.

Wars are not 1v1. Someone can come in and partially kill all those heroes for you first.

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By the description when you click the chest and its loot tier, it is RAID chest instead of heroes chest, therefore it only count the hero you kill during regular raid or raid tournament.

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