Chameleon and Norns overwrite each other?

These are two different effects/ailments and I see no reason why they should overwrite. One changes color and one changes what color a hero is weak too. I recently made a video seeing how these two would work together only to find they simply overwrite each other.

Can we stop these from overwriting each other?

I’d love to see the video, but sees not the Googs for it. Linky?

Also, I can see that these DO interact, and I can understand why the smartest/simplest thing to do would be to overwrite, especially if there are other Element-altering powers to be released in the near future. Simplicity makes it less likely to have bizarre corner cases and bugs. Probably not a bug itself, though.

But it’s not so FUN, and the thing I enjoy about these Heroes is the chaos factor.

Out of curiosity what was your expected behaviour?

I’ll try to post it tomorrow.

I haven’t maxed either but I found myself wondering what would happen. My only goal was to test it.

My theory was that after firing both that every green, red, or blue hero would be weak to all 3 of those colors, which seemed fun to play around with. But excitement turned to disappointment when I saw they just overwrite.

Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that. I’d have thought it through this way:
Chameleon Wipes, so he has to go first. With BT as an example:

  1. Fire is weak to ice. BT is weak to Ice.
  2. GCham: BT is now Nature. BT is now weak to Fire, but not Ice.
  3. Norns: Nature is strong to Ice. BT is now weak to Fire and Ice.

What was your reasoning?

My thinking was: Norns fires and makes BT weak to green because normally red is strong to green. BT is also weak to ice because he stays weak to the element he was already weak to. So, at this stage, BT weak to ice and nature. Chameleon fires and turns BT to the element he’s normally strong to, nature. So now being nature, he’s also weak to red.

Since Norns’ effect seems categorically different, I’d assumed her imposed weaknesses to BT would remain and BT’s new weakness imposed by Chameleon would add to the mix. The end result being a hero weak to 3 colors. With a rainbow or 2, 1, 1 team they should drop like flies to Chaleleons nuke tiles.

Oh, well, there’s the issue. Chameleon Wipes all status effects first.

D’oh :man_facepalming:t2:

Well Chameleon has found a way to disappoint me even more lol

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I liked where you were going… maybe the next HyperColor Hero?

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