Challenging events - like or not like?

As I’ve been reading on the forum I’ve seen a lot of discussion about some people like the challenging events and others don’t like them. I’d be interested to know what you think. Please write as much or as little as you like! Thanks!

I Like them to test my team and get very hard to get loot. Learned off this one that my lvl 50 5)4* team is awesome, completed it easily.

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Hmm it depends. If it’s hard for the sake of being hard I find the event annoying eg frozen tiles for Christmas and Mother North.

But if I’m versing cool thematic heroes with cool tough abilities eg in Avalon then I quite like the challenge

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I like the Challenges. It’s a nice way to see how you’re doing compared to others. I wish they would have a different rewards system, using percentages maybe, but i really enjoy them.

(The pirates event doesn’t have really interesting heroes, but i like the Avalon and Grimforest ones!)


Not like.
For the developing player the last levels are often unbeatable. 3x fails using 20WE and x amount of battle items…
I understand that the ascension items are probably worth throwing more resources at it…but at this stage im probably better off putting the horse before the cart and grinding away at 8-7 with that WE.

Thanks for the gloves at Farholme, but that tome will have to wait (dont have the other items to ascend with the tome anyway).

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Whinge and you shall receive…

Got lucky with the Wilbur & WuKong combo.


To compete in the events? No. Too expensive, too few rewards for my ability/funding.

I do, however, enjoy them for the basic rewards. Gives me a good chance to try new tactics.


I like the rewards. Anytime i can get guaranteed mats for $0, I’m sold.



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I enjoy them. Free mats are always welcome.

I’m not mad at the leaderboard issue but I do think it could be tweaked a bit. I just complete it and run away with my mats.


Love it.
This time i tried to do my best on 1 and reach a good position on the other two without any refills or flask.

Nearly impossible :grin:


I enjoy them, but I think they need to be split up as I mentioned in another thread like this. I think there needs to be two different “caste” systems. If you been in the top 1000 in the past you are now in the Pro league, everyone else then competes on the junior varsity league providing a more even keel. Once you’ve turned pro, you earn a Pro flag that keeps you from competing against us peons… Let the top 1000 battle it out in their own bracket. I enjoy it for the sake of doing it and getitng my “participation” coin and a few mats because it’s not really competitive. Make it a one and done and see if those top 10-15 names change


I also use the events to gage where my teams are at and to figure out which heroes work best together!

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Like them. Also enjoy hearing about 15 people of 2 million upset when they’re not in the top 10 in the world, despite trying really hard. Shows passion.

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I also found those frozen tiles to be tedious at times. I noticed for example some times it would allow me to make diamonds with some of the frozen tiles and other times it would not. I never did figure out why.

I’ve never liked the reward system or the ranking calculus.

It’d be nice to see a four-star mat or two dropped as a reward for completing advanced stages—given that there will be five different monthly events this year, it seems easy enough to put one in each.

The ranking calculus is too dependent on a massive stock of items and a quick burst of luck (creating the endless grind for the right board on which to unload items). It’d probably be much more interesting to exclude items from event play—possibly by splitting events into “normal” and “advanced” play, similar to Season Two’s tiers—to get rid of some of the current dependency on items for so much of the ranking system. If you didn’t want to exclude items entirely, you could add an additional minion level or two, possibly with a penultimate “sub-boss” level—the effect of which would be to make combo scores (and health and timer scores) far less dependent on a quick burst of 30-45 seconds of luck and then carpet-bombing, and more representative of 4-5 or even 7-10 minutes of sustained elevated play.

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I like them for the ascension items and thats far as ii will take it, wish they made the event a one trick pony as in. Once you win(as in win each battle, not the event as a whole.) you cannot try again, but then were digging in the pockets of SG and they don’t like that. So i give it a 5 out of a 10 for events.

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I always like testing out new tactics during these events. I also like to figure out which of my hero’s do best against different monsters of different colors. It helps my figure out also which hero’s I need to work on so one day i can compete for higher tiers and get better items.

100% with you there!!!

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