Challenging Achievements, Rich Rewards

Here’s the idea, you offer a super quest package with tons of hard/fun challenges with super rich rewards attached to completing them.

This would be sort of like POV except the challenges would be much more involved and you would have 6 months to complete it instead Of 50 days.

If you managed to compete the entire Challenge you would get thousands of gems. I’m suggesting the price point for this is 30$ since most people won’t reach all of the nodes and those that do will likely be spending a large sum of money to get there.

Here are some ideas for challenges: 1,000 gems for every 10 levels you’ve gained in the game this encourages people to climb and rewards old players for investing time. So if you’re level 50 you immediately get 5,000 gems on day 1.

Defeat Ursena in Atlantis with a full 3* team. 500 gems for easy, 1000 gems for hard mode.

Place in the top 1% of a tournament-1,000 gems.

Place in the top 5% of the a tournament-500 gems

Reach top 100,000 in global rank-200 gems

Top 50,000-350 gems.

Top 25,000-500 gems

Top 10,000-750 gems

Top 5,000-1,000 gems

Top2,500-1500 gems

Top 1,000- 2,000 gems

Top 500- 2,500 gems

Top 250- 3,000 Gems

Top 100-4,000 gems

Top 10-5,000 gems

Top 1-7,500 gems

Deal 35,000 damage to The titan in 1 hit-150 gems

Deal 50,000 damage to the titan in 1 hit-250 gems

75,000 damage 1 hit-400 gems

100,000 damage 1 hit-600 gems.

135,000 damage 1 hit-825 gems

185,000 damage 1 hit-1,075 gems

250,000 damage 1 hit-1,350 gems

300,000 damage 1 hit-2,000 gems

Obtain 1 5* hero-1,500 gems

Obtain 3 5* heroes-3,000 gems

Obtain 7 5* heroes 6,500 gems

Obtain 12 5* here’s 10,000 gems

Obtain 18 5* heroes 15,000 gems

Obtain 25 5* heroes 22,500 gems

Obtain 35 5* heroes 30,000 gems

Defeat a 3,500 team power team in raid with nothing but 3*s-500 gems, 4,000 team power-1,000 gems.

Defeat a 4,000 team power in raid with all 4s-250 gems defeat a 4,500 team power team all 4s-500 gems.

Fully ascend 1 5* hero-1,000 gems

Fully ascend 3 5*s-3,000 gems

Fully ascend 5 5*s-6,000 gems

Fully ascend 10 5*s-12,500 gems

Collect 25% of all in game heroes-1,000 gems.

Collect 50% of all in game heroes-3500 gems.

Collect 75% of all in game heroes-7,500 gems

Collect 90% of all in game heroes-15,000 gems

Collect 100% of all in game heroes-35,000 gems(this one may seem like a super high reward, but if someone actually collects all
Of the heroes in game they’ve spent thousands to get there.)

Kill 50 dragons-500 gems

Kill 1,000 birds-500 gems

There could also be placing high in challenge events.

The idea here is that a player could spend 30$ every 6 months and get a ton of value out of committing their time to playing Empires and Puzzles. This would be a super solid purchase that c2p only would have to buy 2 times a year.

Additionally no matter what point in the game you’re at, you would benefit because all of the rewards are in gems.

I feel like your a lot of ftp players would be willing to spend 2 times a Year if the rewards were worth it.

The idea here is to have this super sale offered 2x a year and as you progress through the game, investing more time in getting stronger, more of the rewards are attainable which means a larger amount of gems are received each time you buy.

I feel like this values veteran players a ton, while still
Providing a solid purchase opportunity for everyone else.

I know there will be some players who get like 50,000 gems out of this, but really those players have either invested years into E&P or hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Their faithful invested paved the way for the rest of us to
Enjoy E&P it’s okay to
Appreciate them(to be clear I do not fall into either of these categories and would struggle to compete all of the tasks listed.)

If you read this far thank you! There are tons of other ideas that could be added and More gem rewards that could be given for different ideas.

I just included a starting point for the general idea.

@Dan7 something like this I would be in favor of having more of a challenge I just think POV should be easily accessible for

@JGE @TGW I feel like something like this might interest you guys as well.

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Some of those would be easy for me, some would be very hard. The raid ones, for example… hell, I’ve already beaten 3500 TP teams with all 3*s, and 4500 TP with all 4s… more than once.

Titans, I can’t see ever hitting one for 300k. Unless it was a 1*.

And many of the obtaining heroes ones… hah, I wouldn’t make it very far in those.

But the point of your challenge is to be challenging for high level players - yes, I’m sure some of them would enjoy pushing themselves to try to score some extra free gems. :+1:


Glad to hear it’s hitting the mark then! I know it’s hard to find a balance of work vs reward, but if trying to use my experience from other games and what I’ve seen work both to make the company money and improve QOL for players!

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I love the ideas and I love the challenges. But the gem amounts…SGG wouldn’t give that amount of gems to the Make A Wish foundation.


Yes, maybe if they divide them with couple 100 then it would be acceptable for them…
But I think that would not be tempting to players who can achieve these.

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Yes it is very hard.
Even 100k is too much for me :slight_smile:

But someone managed to do that:


I know it can be done… just not by me personally. :rofl:

I just threw down some ideas and gem amounts, I’m sure they could come up with a bunch koror creative solutions and mission to complete. I think it would be great if there were like 200 missions to complete over the 6 months.

Bronze, silver, gold, and diamond rating challenges, and each one gave an appropriate corresponding amount of gems.

But I also think if SGG had an event like this that came up Every 6 months they would see a lot more new purchases, and A lot more appreciative and happy customers!

I’m with you on that. Some of the events and daily acheivements seem like you have to rush. A relaxed way of completeing missions would be very cool.

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