Challenge Ranking not Shown

Current ranking is not updated. This was taken after exiting the game and reentering:


Mine too, on all three tiers.

But also, my ranking and Master Score in Epic tier is not updating at all, it’s just showing whatever you flipped from last (either Legendary or Rare).

(Self-reply. )

Both problem from OP and mine mentioned above seem to go away after you play a level on each tier. Not sure why, but if you haven’t played any levels in one of the tiers it appears to goof up both the Rewards tab and Ranking/Master Score display.


I’ll ping staff. In the meantime, I’ll mark this as the solution (even if it’s a work-around).


It’s not a work around. Mine still was not showing even after playing more levels.
Epic shows okay but Rare is not. Have not looked at Legendary.

Edit: legendary shows normal

For me, rare doesn’t show, but if I click on epic then back on rare it shows…:woman_shrugging:

@staff here’s another strange behaviour. I didn’t play any level and yet I’m on top 12k.

I tried that before with no effect

If you look at the pic I posted, it shows my score which means that I have played several levels.

Yea mine was showing my rare score and ranking and now it’s showing my epic in legendary.

We are aware of this and are currently investigating. I will update as soon as I know more. I would like to note this seems to be only a visual issue before you play the first level of a difficulty.

Thank you to everyone who reported.


I have completed Rare, completed Epic, and am working through Legendary. It is still occurring as shown in the images.

Same issue here:

Not truly the same. Run a level and see what happens. That works for some but certainly not for all.

Posts 7, 10, and 13 in this thread, as well as staff response in post 11, appear to pertain to players having a ranking before playing a level.

This is not the issue the OP is reporting, which is that the current loot level is not highlighted.

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I also noticed that it didn’t show where you were on the Ninja Tower last month either. So it might have something to do with that update.

This is valid after event ended I did not get rewards correctly due to this.

Marking this one as solved in the V33 Update:

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