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hello, I have players who have a problem with tournaments raids in challenges due to the way of courage here is the problem of one of my players the first day you had to play 5 raids on 5 to succeed the challenge he finishes it without problem once done the second day being at 0/10 raids he played his 5 battles usual raid tournaments out instead of having 5/10 raids registered on the challenges of the path of courage he noticed that there were registered 2/10 do we have to win the 5 raid battles? because nothing is indicated on the challenges could think that it is necessary just to participate my players do not find that normal thank you


Two questions:

  1. Can you get screenshots? Showing the Path of Valour Screen (showing the 2/10) and also showing the tournament log of his/her attacks (should show 10 attacks used)
  2. Can you please confirm that before starting today’s battles, the challenge did say 0/10
  3. Can you confirm that it is still registering as 2/10 & hasn’t updated?
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I think what happened is that on his first day he did 3 of his tournament battles before PoV started, so in total only 7 of his battles counted and hence it shows 5/5, and then 2/10. Just a possibility.

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@ThePirateKing, I’m going to bet you are 100% right as it’s exactly what I did. Yes I WAS kicking myself for not thinking before killing…which probably isn’t something used at any defense trial EVER?

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hello, first of all thank you for your answer I was able to obtain photos of my player it turns out that it was well marked 5/10 and some time after 2/10 as represent on the photo thank you

sorry sent 2 times the same here

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