Challenge offer - can't buy - error


When I go to buy the 200 gems it says:

You already own this item.

I haven’t bought it yet and still says 5 in stock.


Same problem :confused:


I keep getting told my play store password is incorrect. :confused: Havent been able to buy anything for a few months.


I’m not able to buy anything. It is always in work in progress as shown in the pic


A clanmate has the same problem. He can’t buy gems…

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Dude don’t post your account information here on forum

Edit: or your friend’s


Try here:


You probably have to contact google (if you use google play)… Situation may differ w/ iphone. If you purchase stuff w/ google play & it’s not letting you purchase, chances are you were making more purchases than usual & google stopped your purchases thinking it could’ve been fraudulent. Most likely a safety procedure.


Resetting password, sign out/in. All dont work.


is it secret? how can you use it?


Just to close on this one…

I put in a ticket with the support group and about 6-8 hours later when I logged in (after many attempts) I finally got the 200 gems I paid for. They all was good and I could buy more stock of the challenge offer and the error was gone. Weird.

So, if this happens to you. Be patient I guess it might fix itself after a few hours.


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