Challenge needs to change

It’s really crappy that we’re limited to what star level of fighters and weapons we can use, but the game uses the highest level fighters against us. For example, in the current challenge event “Riddles in Wonderland”, the last puzzle of the epic section not only has one five-star fighter, but THREE!!! They hit multiple times and takes SO MUCH energy that you run out of helps. Not only that, but if you have a warrior that helps you rejuvenate, the tiles aren’t there to power it up. On top of that, when you try using the tiles to get ahead, the opposition powers up quickly and loses little to no life. On top of that, if your fighter is of the same element that’s being resisted, you end up with a useless fighter.

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Hi, Charles! That’s why they are called “challenge” events. Those events got special conditions for clearing them.

Are you facing difficulties in clearing stages? May I help? Using the right heroes and items the stages ends up being not that hard. The rewards are underwhelming for “normal” players but you can still catch some extra Energy Flasks and XP.


Really helpful information here @Charlesas1

When a hero is used as a boss, it doesn’t have the hero’s stats. Instead they are calibrated to the level, so this is why the same bosses get harder as you progress in the challenge or comparing the same level on rare, epic and legendary. So you can’t really say you are facing 5* bosses.

In fact, I find some of the 3* heroes given boss stats in the emblem trials tougher than the traditional 5* heroes.

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