Challenge mode with fixed conditions

Every game format in E&P (raids, titans, wars) is subject to randomness of the tile so there is an element of luck to perform well. I would like to propose Challenges where the conditions are identical for all who participate. Participants will get the exact same starting board, the same opponent and the same Random Number Generator (RNG) seed to provide replacement tiles. This way, there is a more fair comparison between the participant’s performance and the evaluation will be based more on the skill and board manipulation rather than luck. This can take several formats and here are few to consider:

  • Also fixed team to complete the challenge even if you don’t own the heroes.

  • You can bring your own team but you get a couple of attempts so you can adjust based on your previous attempt.

  • Reward all who complete one or several requirements for the challenge:

o Total damage done

o Minimum number of moves to kill opponent

o Minimum time to complete

  • Alternatively, reward participants according to their ranking tier. Score based on total damage done/received, number of moves and time to complete.

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