Challenge impossible?


Absolutely frustrated. 3 attempts at a raid on someone 300 pts weaker. Killed 2 hero’s in total. What a load of rubbish!


Perfectly plausible, I’m afraid.

If they had all their power in the tank and flanks, it possible to shield the weak heroes.

Did you double up on the tank?

Even so, a few weak boards can charge their mana and once you’re a man down, the pressure builds…

I had that yesterday. Couldn’t shift a fully levelled Cyprian with my 3^60 Chao and then didn’t get the green tiles to charge my dispeller, Caedmon.

So everything I threw at them just smashed my team to bits, even though he had a 3* at the back.

I gave up after two tries and will wait for more yellow firepower before going after similar formations.

But that’s competition. If the stronger team always won, raids would be just a matter of selecting an opponent and auto-winning. Every sport has upsets.


What was the line up of the defense team and what were the attacking heroes?


You win some you lose some. Sometimes I wreck teams that are even 600+ power over mine and sometimes I lose to teams that are 300 power less than mine.