Challenge Festival / Elemental Barrier Bypass Issues

Knowing that Challenge Heroes should receive some health, attack, defensive bonuses, as well as being able to bypass Elemental Barriers setup, I decided to leave Treevil in the team and alter others as needed.

Noticed something Odd, on Rare 6, a Purple reflect stage, I had Treevil in, but accidentally left Jack in there too. Starting the stage, I expected to see Treevil taking no damage while sending purple tiles up the board, but Jack to be on the receiving end of some purple tile / special damages.

However, started noticing that there will be times when

  1. Neither Treevil nor Jack took tile damages when purple mobs were hit with purple tiles.
  2. Both Treevil and Jack took tile damages when purple mobs were hit with purple tiles.

This behavior occurred the first time I tried Rare 6, thought it was a fluke, maybe because there is a Suspicious Chest, so I tried it again, no chests this time, but still experiencing both behaviors. Changing to Treevil only on a 3rd run did not have Treevil taking purple tile damage, and occasionally had the word Bypass shown on the screen on purple tiles (maybe it could be from Treevil’s special) when hitting Sargasso.

Haven’t tried other colors/stages or higher difficulties yet.

I think it isn’t bug in terms of game mechanic but it is a bug in terms of logic.

When you have multiple heroes of the same element in one team they all have different troops and those troops are randomly choosen when you move tiles.
For example, if you would have 2 red heroes, one with ninja one with mana troops then ~50% of your moved tiles would be ninja troops and could bypass buffs when the rest would be mana troops and they couldn’t, but at the same time both would deal the same amount of damage from both heroes attack stats together. In reality only part of this damage should be able to bypass buffs since only one hero have ninja troops but it works different.

In your case, when there are Treevil troops then they can bypass elemental barrier and there is no reflected damage.
But when there are Jack troops then damage is reflected.

Hmmm…But if Treevil is assigned one kind of troop, and Jack is assigned another, and the chances of the troop being selected to move upwards is randomized. And even though the damage is stacked together by means of color stacking, so the troops that gets sent upwards are like 50/50…

My understanding is that only Jack should take damage in all instances when purple damages are reflected by purple elemental barrier, but not both Jack and Treevil (which kind of negated his one perk in the challenge event). But it looks like the damage received by both heroes are “shared” or somehow averaged out?

So I guess players have already pointed this out in the past? And this behavior is working as intended?

I don’t remember it being reported before. I agree with you that it should work different than now.

The problem is that when the elemental barrier appeared there were no way to bypass it so SG probably programmed it without thinking about this future change and the way it is programmed doesn’t work correctly with bypass ability.

@Dudeious.Maximus @PlayForFun could you ask staff if this is expected behaviour or bug?


I have forwarded the queston to Staff.

Probably they will not answer before Monday.