[Challenge Events] Show Points To Reach A Loot Tier Next To The Rewards

Would be great to see what is needed to reach the next step.

This would be very helpful :slight_smile:

I would like to see the limit of each tier (down and up).
So not just the next up so that I can see that how much point can I afford to lose to stay in the same tier.

And it would be good if somehow the projected point is visible during the battles or at least this least trackable combo multiplier so that I can see that is it worth to use battle items or I can give up the current level.

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Unfortunately, because the loot tier is based on score ranking based on other players, and players are constantly playing, replaying and improving their scores, there’s no real way to know how many points you need. You might be 500 points shy, play a couple of runs, improve your score by 1000, check again and still be 750 points behind.

The points needed for each tier won’t stop shifting until the event ends


A simple database query* each time you open the reward screen could show the minimum points to reach it in that moment.

I don’t see any problem there.

* get points of player at rank x


Getting the data is not the issue. Getting data that actually has meaning and validity is the issue

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Just to have a reference point if it’s 40k or 400k for the next tier.

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This should apply to Raid Tournaments as well although it’s harder to do something specifically to achieve it that you wouldn’t do anyways.


+1 for this QoL improvement.

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Bumping this