Challenge events: More rewardtables for Rare and Epic

I’m very happy with these events as they are. Somewhat stressfull, but part of the game. Love to hate it right?.

Anyways, Im one who often go for 500 and 1k positions. I do not feel that there is no need to go futher cuz their is so far to the next.
Also I do feel for them who go for top 10 in Rare and Epic events and what they end up with on their placement of 11th is thesane for someone who took position 999.

They put everything they had into this and are rewarded with something others like me get, who position myself In top 1k in a day.

I do wish for both those who go high to have a better fallback reward(?) and also for those like me to have a new goal to aim for when 500 and 1k goes dull.

So I do wish for rare ro get a top 100

And for Epic to get a top 50. (Cuz the rewardtables up by 50000 5000 500 and then a 50).

Well Im sorry if I did miss the post of this discussion earlier. But i did search for something like this and couldnt find it.

What do you people think?

The winner takes it all, that’s just the way it is and for me it is fine. Sometimes you are Nr. 9, sometimes Nr. 11, bad luck but not a big thing, next event is coming soon.

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