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Since they will be doing this monthly I think that a lot of wrinkles will get worked out, including everyone knowing the general approach and attempts so we can be prepared. For example, just for grins I started building 3*'s because I had nothing better to do. So I could do the beginner tier, by accident.

That said, I have 3 4* and 2 5*, which are great for the normal game but I don’t see myself beating the intermediate tier with a team of 3 level 60 4* and 2 level 50 3*. I cruised through the first 8 stages but stage 9 I got smoked by the boss. And given the boss on stage 10 is 3 of these guys (if consistent with beginner), I just can’t see myself getting through it without pumping gems in. Not sure it’s worth it for me. We shall see.

I do like it though, should be fun in the future.


I would also like the ability to at least go back to look at my breakdown per stage. It wpuld be helpfulnif we could see others as well.
Any info on how the scores are generated would be helpful as well

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Think it’s wise (if really worried about scoring) to just screencap the results page.

The advanced tuning was for level 70’s and may be able to clear (I took a 60 purple through all of it the first run to completion), and the intermediate I took a bunch of 60’s on the alt through it though it wasn’t pretty on the last level but admittedly I could’ve played better or gotten a better board too. Had a Sabina there mucking some things up too haha. I need more options.

Haven’t tried the beginner but certainly seems like the rest of the tuning is appropriate.


I don’t know what to say but I hope it never come back next month

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The only one I can complete is intermediate since I have no 5* and only 2 maxed 3* and 2 new 3*…that being said, besides the rich getting richer distribution of items, it was fun time complete and a compass and trap tools will come in handy for something and the epic troop token got me a 3* red troop which is a huge help. I beat it with Caedmon, boldtusk, gormek and the panda at 3^60 and Grimm at level 69 and really didn’t have to many issues. Squeaked by level 8 due to my own screwing up and letting boldtusk get killed off…went through a bunch of antidotes arrows and axes (especially the last level), but all in all I thought the challenge was fair and am actually looking forward to the next one

The people on my team and I are really enjoying this event. Nice work devs.

Man I regret sacrificing all my lower star players! Lol


I haven’t seen anyone mention beginner. Level 10 final boss battle seems impossible even with a fully ascended 3* team with heals banners and arrows. I completely had my butt handed to me. I haven’t tried intermediate or advanced yet, I wanted to dip my toes in first. I like to collect guys so I’ve never fed my 3* to my 4 and I have almost every 3 there is. Perhaps I’m missing a strategy or combo that works best… Has anyone beaten beginner level 10?

This challenge is very unfair to new players. Players with high team scores are going to be able to win the top prizes while new players cannot. A new player like myself has only 20 world energy and when it takes 2 per level on the beginner stage thats all of my energy if I don’t lose with my team that has a score of 1300 while another player may have 2500 or more and more world energy. The quest should have been based on categories such as how long you have been playing or team score groups. That way everyone has a chance of winning a top prize. For me its discouraging to even attempt the quest knowing there is no chance of winning. I rather use my world energy and power ups on the main game than waste it on a quest that seems pointless


World energy is based on character level, not team power, though team power will somewhat correlate to character level.

You get like, 3 days to complete the challenge - plenty of time to complete if your team can compete.

Also, if you play every day, it shouldn’t take that long to fully ascend/level your 3* team. Definitely have time to max them out before next month’s challenge. you could probably seriously level them in a few days if you tried.

I may have been a bit hasty in my earlier post about the final boss difficulty - changing tactics (i.e. not caring my purple guy died) worked wonders. The ‘rich get richer’ problem still exists though.


I am not sure where the impossible comes from, I completed the advanced with a 4* team (only 2 maxed, 2 nearly and 1 still building up), granted the last lvl was a massacre and I needed every item I brought, but it should be very difficult without a 5*.
The intermediate is perfectly balanced I think, I only had to replay one lvl and didn’t need many items, so still feels doable with less fully ascended heroes (I don’t have enough to test that), but maybe it plays very different with different heroes, and I am just lucky with my team.

In my previous post I forgot to mention that I really like the event so far and it gives me something to work towards now that I finished the main game. :blush:

There is a breakdown from your score when you finish the lvl, it would be a great addition if you could view that again at a later point to see if it is a lvl you think you can improve on. Still would like to see the rank per lvl too, but I mentioned that already.

I don’t really get people complaining on the fact that people who spend more get better rewards, and that tiers for lower players are not that good. Really.
This is just normal guys. Why the hell they don’t have to reward better stronger (and spending!) player?

And if you are thinking i’m a huge buyer, you are wrong.
It’s just… you can’t pretend ascension items and epic token for all. It’s a cash game, c’mon!


I’ve never understood why there is so much complaining on the rich getting richer. Why wouldn’t you want to keep your paying customers happy? I mean even for us non/limited payers there’s plenty to fight for in these challenges. The games a hell of a lot of fun for free if you ask me.

Two comments back kind of on topic:

  1. I love the rare quests after the update, much more accessible 3 and 4 star ascension items, but to have one during the challenge is annoying since that sucks up a LOT of world energy

  2. Has anyone completed the 9th and 10th intermediate levels without a full 4* team? Just based on newness I have only 3 level 60 4* (I have 2 5* but can’t use them obviously) and have to use 3*. I have two maxed 3* healers that I think I may try this time, but man, the bosses are just so tough to kill when you have a pretty underpowered team.


I really like the Challenge Event, and I have no complaints about the execution.

I have a suggestion, though: Add an alliance reward scheme as well as the individual rewards.
The event leaderboard for alliances would be based on the total score of the entire alliance, current members only, and only members who are in the alliance at the end of the event would count for the score and get the rewards.


Many people could not win anything … could have given awards for better participation … the focus of the event is that everyone has to spend money … if it were to min spend money in event would not have good benefit … then it would take money to buy heroes eh that I would be earning much more …

I like the idea for a challenge, but personally for me its a complete waste of time. Im pretty new to the game ( lvl 18 ) and i can only do the beginner stages. My team strenght is 1545 and i cant even complete stage 4 on beginner. Yes im using potions, banners, etc. Its to hard for me and there is no gain as well. So i stopped playing this challenge and just continued doing my normal thing. Waste of time.

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Really liked.

I think there are still two aspects to fix but this kind of Event is very nice.

To me, the improvements needed are easy and simple:

  1. Add EXPERIENCE gain to every fight, properly considering it as a standard same-energy-mission.

  2. A much more balanced Ascension Material assignment. It’s not nice to reach the 2nd place and get no epic AM, while the first gets 4 of them, and while the first of the 3-stars-group get 2 of them.

Apart from these items, I’m really looking forward for a monthly event rotation like this one!

Thanks guys!



I stopped playing it. I’m stuck on 9 for beginner, since I do not have all maxed 3stars yet and can’t use my one 4star that I have been leveling, but the problem is that a majority of the people will be spending materials, potions, buffs…etc just to complete a tier and still be below rank 500. For all this time and commitment, we only get a summon token and 2 crappy mats that I can get easily doing a lower tier story mode area?!

I’m not wasting any more mats on this just to complete a tier. Now for those who are competing for top 500, this can be fun since you can go back to each level and try to beat your own time, and as you go up the rewards get a little better. But it is like the saying goes, the rich get richer…the people who really need some of those drops are the ones who can’t get there because they don’t get these drops. At least have a chance for an epic hero or troop token so that we can improve our chances for the next Challenge.


Yes, I completed the whole intermediate challenge with less than fully Ascended level 4s.

here’s the team + battle items I used to finish the final intermediate boss stage

My normal team has Richard, a 5 star blue, in it, so it was lucky I pulled Grimm last week and leveled him up. My normal team also has Tiberius, a 4 star purple with Ramming Pulverizer, and he is with the rest of my 4 Stars - Tier 3 level 60 waiting on materials for his final ascension.

My first try at the boss level, there were so many purple reflect guys, I mistakenly tried to save Tiberius and wasted a lot of resources that way. Your purple guy is going to die. That’s why I picked Cyprian - i got riposte up once or twice and punched back at them before he died.

I was also very careful with my items - I have two healers, so I didn’t take any heal potions. I also saved ALL the arrows and axes (5 each), small anitdotes (10), and 8 of the 10 small mana potions for the final boss wave. Take the small antidote so you have more of them.

On the 2nd to last stage, I made sure most of my guys were charged up before killing the final enemy. At the boss wave, I first shot both an arrow and an axe (the combination of miss chance plus reduced damage when they do hit really helps keep guys alive). FYI, I was also totally unconcerned with time as it was more important to think out the board so I can beat the stage and get the completion ascension material prize. Then I used Boldtusk’s attack buff and started hitting with gems. As soon as the arrow/axe effects ran out, I would redo them, repeating until all 5 of each were gone. For the antidotes, there were two bosses that inflicted status effects - the green one with damage over time (green poison icon) and a purple one that reduces healing. As soon as I was hit with the green effect, I’d use an antidote as that damage will massacre you. For the purple effect, I’d wait to get rid of it until I had a heal from Mel or Boldtusk charged and ready to go, or if while waiting for that, I got hit with the green damage over time.

Then based on the board and how the early game played out, I concentrated my attacks on whichever of the front enemies had more early damage, so I can knock one out sooner. When the final boss was dead, i only had 2 heroes left alive and they were both on their last legs.


This is great! Thanks for sharing.

The challenge event is fun, a nice addition to the game. I suggest that additional team pages be added to the heroes management area, I need additional teams 4, 5 and 6, at a minimum, to keep track of all my play options.

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