Challenge Events Feedback


Both Locke and Sargasso have been buffed since release, and Kestrel is still perfectly serviceable. I think Sargasso needs just a bit more of an uptweak. I would be okay ascending Locke or Kestrel in their current form (a) if I had them and (b) if I didn’t have other better 5*. Subsequent red and green 5* have been so good, though, that I don’t see when either would rise to the top of my mats queue.


Ty. Do you have Any idea when Atlantis is comeing back?


Open your Season 2 map and look at the countdown timer.


thanks, but i cant SEE Any countime. IM map 1-7.


10 & 1/2 days. Haven’t you finished the normal S2 levels yet? They’re all much easier than the top levels of S1. When you’ve cleared all of Province 3, you’ll see the count down timer for when Province 4 opens up.


Regarding the loot for the Epic September Challenge. Can you please explain why the rare ascension materials were removed from the top 100 prize tier? It was surprising to see them removed when there has been such rewards in prior challenges at the Epic top 100 level. It feels as though the game is losing popularity or at least the challenges are losing popularity.

When you shrink the prize pool in this way it makes players compete at a higher level or simply drop out of competition. That ultimately reduces the participation rate and seems counter intuitive to growing the event. If you wanted to attract more people into competing you should expand the reward tiers for the valuable loot. Similar to what you did 3-ish months ago when you widened the lower loot tiers on each difficulty level.


The event is very entertaining and it’s a good challenge, but today I got really frustrated. This was the first time I was able to finish Legendary level and I was very very happy with my accomplishment, but as soon as I pressed the button to receive my rewards, it showed me a message that the time finished and I didn’t win actually. This is ridiculous. I spent a lot of items in order to get there just to find out the game is stupid enough to let me finish and not account my victory. Glad I don’t spend one cent in this game. It’s funny and all, but there’s a lot of bugs.


The loot for Pirates has been unchanged since its debut last summer. It just gives leaner loot than, say, Avalon, which is the main reason I didn’t push very hard this month.


I didn’t played that much S2 because of high Energy required. I preferred to play lower lvl and gain Xp and win items for craft. Anyway, i’ll Find out when it’s starting. Ty


next Atlantis opens in 10 days


Thank you Very much.


This event was the first one where I was able to end in a high enough ranking to get a bit more than just the participation award. So that was neat, receiving 6 world energy flasks like that.

Staying in the <5.000 rank for the legendary was quite the challenge. Had to rerun 2 quests to get a better score and ended up at spot 4.989.

I ran this events with doubles on the strong color. My plan for the near future is to gather heroes and soldier for triples and see how far that gets me.

All in all this was a good run for some ascension mats, summon coins and 6 WE flasks. And again a confirmation that these events, you can get better results over time, if you got the roster and soldier depth for it, and craft enough consumables in advance.