Challenge event with player level limit

Every challenge event the top 100 is always full of lvl 50-60-70 players.

Nobody lower than this has any chance whatsoever. Basically the events allow the already overpowered players to get even more stuff for free.

I know that people who created this game want profit and more profit. But giving a chance to regular players to get some nice awards would be cool.

Just make 3 versions of the challenge event, 1 for lvl 1-30 players, one for lvl 30-50 and one 50+

That way regular and not so overstuffed people actually stand a chance to get into top 100.

Just my suggestion. I know some people are going to say “shut up and pay money if you want to progress”, but I think a lot of other people would back me up.

My free to play account has only 2 4star heroes for 4 months. A bit too slow, isn’t it? Event that gives me a chance to finish high could help a bit. :slight_smile:

Im F2P and 37 lvl. In last Guardians of Teltoc I was on ~110 place (Im using my 3 4* reds and 3 4* purples). It can be good idea fornew players but players with lower levels still have a chance :slight_smile:

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