Challenge event upcoming


Well, I thought about it a bit more and, seeing I am literally one step from researching dragon attacks, I decided that I would have just one more go.

Deciding to go for one more hitter, I replaced Wu Kong with 3/60 Chao.

I brought minor healing potions, axes,bombs and those 5 dragon attacks. I had pretty lucky boards during the minions levels, and I was very, very careful, which somehow meant I ONLY used about 8 minor healing potions for these two stages.

When I reached the level with the three bosses, I first launched Gormek, and then hit Lady Locke with Caedmon and Chao. After that, I used all my axes, bombs and dragon attacks. Lady Locke (aka zombie Helena Bonham Carter as I like to call her) burst into a cloud of dust. I had very bad tiles after that, but I somehow managed to finish Sargasso and Kestrel with two of my heroes still standing!

The score was (obviously) not great, but I got the reward. (Unfortunately, the epic coin only gave me Bane, but you cannot have everything.)

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INVALUABLE ADVICE AND ENCOURAGMENT! I wouldn’t have tried again, had you not advised me to give it a go. THANKS!


Yay!!! That’s awesome!! On that level I didn’t manage to do it, but I never had this hint of spending items! Believe me, the ascension materials you got are worth it!!
Now it will just get better and better, and you will do next ones without fear of losing. I honestly don’t compete for score and even having a lot of maxed 4* and some 5*, I still use 15 items every time (dragon attacks I don’t always have).
Congratulations on your success, I got really happy! Pass this through friends that are having a bad time trying.


I am mildly shocked I even got to that level :wink: And I still can’t believe it was actually possible to beat the Pirate Trio. Again, thank you so much!!


Pirates event is the easiest amongst the challenge event beacause there is no healer among the boss. Lady locke is just like another minion just use antidote every time she fires her special. She will not even damage you. I finished the legendary level with just two max level heroes. My line up consist of 4/70 grimm, 2/40 gadeirus, 4/70 G.jackal, 3/60 chao, 3/60 boldtusk. I just brought with me potion 20, antidote 10, arrows 5, bomb 5.