Challenge Event - top scores for the steps?


Hey. Does anyone have an overview of what the top scores more-or-less look like on each step and tier? I’d be curious to see how high people are getting and just how bad I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue:

Challenge Events Feedback

You can view tbe top 100 for each tier


That would be a very useful feature but right now all they have is total leaderboard for each category. Would be nice to see which step I would need to improve on to move ahead.


I’d like one for each step as well and asked after last event. Best you can do is look over your scores and see where youbstand to gain the most


The thing is I don’t actually know where I stand to gain the most, that’s the thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Start with your lowest scorea. Higher levels have chances of higher scores. If you lost a hero or two or more on a level those would be good to retry


We share our scores in the alliance once all 10 steps are completed. I drop them in a spreadsheet to see where I have the most to gain.


Haven’t lost anyone anywhere and they are growing from one to the next so basically I’ve no idea which ones could be much higher and which ones are near good :smiley: That’s the problem.


Check the top 100 to see if there’s someone in your alliance there and share notes like we do. I am in top 100 at the moment for beginner.


Could you post your scoreboard here perhaps for people to see? Or do you prefer to keep it a secret? (I’ll understand, no worries).


The leading two numbers for my scores to protect some anonymity are:



Woosh, 69 on the last one. I barely scraped by on 50.5 :smiley: Good job and thanks for posting!


That was a lucky board on the bosses for sure and a lot of axes :slight_smile:


I’ve cross posted this idea to the Challenge Event Feedback thread.


Gotta love those boards when they happen haha. Drool!