Challenge event tomorrow Feb 8


At about 5am CST, the challenge event will start. Seems like the common consensus is pirates. For someone with no challenge event heros (Kong, Caedmon, Sonya, Sabrina and Natalya) should I save my gems if it is pirates?


Cabin Boy Peters; green, virtually identical to Caedmon for stats, only difference is a slightly weaker damage output from special attack but has the silence ability that blocks opponents from casting specials. Probably easy to draw, and he is great but you already have Caedmon.

Boomer; dark, slightly tanky, does weak AOE special with holy defence. Garbage.

Kestrel; Fire, pretty balanced stats. Special hits 3 enemies equally, from 220% - 335% (might be wrong) damage depending on how much mana each enemy has. I like him, but a lot of players don’t.

Lady Locke; nature, has one of the highest base attacks in the game so does crazy tile damage. Special attack cleanses allies (like Rigard) and has a fixed DOT like Natalya, only it scales up, starting weak and doing more damage each turn so make sure you don’t hit the same target twice or it resets. Also it can be dispelled unlike Natalya. Good if you can get her though.

Sargasso; dark, hits similar to Grimm but without the defence debuff and reduces targets healing by 60% so basically a diluted version of Perseus’ attack. Decent stats but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use him.

So they’re decent if not amazing, but except for Owl the Guardians are better.


I recap what Mantis said in a nutshell:

Yes. Keep your gems.


Is that what Mantis said? I heard strategy for beating the event… :wink:


Well, since you want to go there, do you have any input on how to beat the event? :slight_smile:


As a player, my usual m.o. is “GO IN GUNS BLAZING KILL KILL KILL!” :grin:

Seriously, I usually start with Beginner; I take two strong colors, drop the weak or reflected color, sometimes bring Gunnar, and Belith, and squeeze in Brienne if I can. I like Nashgar and Bane and Balthezar for dealing damage. I like doing as much damage as possible as quickly as possible, but you can go the shield (Gunnar, Kailani) / healer (Belith, Hawkmoon) route if you like. Ultimately, “Whatever works!” :wink:


Pirates is the only event I bother to take antidotes into. I use the smallest size so I can carry more.Their healing power isn’t important, the status cure is. Otherwise Locke is a stone cold killer.


What is the reflect color?


We saw some Kestrels in lineups early on, but I don’t think he’s stood the test of time. A thing to like about Kestrel is that he’s a no-fuss no-muss hero: no buffs or debuffs. With Zeline now in play, I predict that simple heroes will be more popular (as opposed to, say, Ares and his three buffs but no immediate benefits).

Peters’s Silence is a neat trick, good enough to put him into the top tier of green 4*. I’ll power him up someday, but he’s not a priority.

Locke’s tile damage is amazing, but she’s really not worth even shields, let alone tonics.

Sargasso is held up in Beta discussions as possibly the most underpowered 5* ever released. Boomer is solid as an event boss but isn’t particularly useful in game play.

All of the Pirates heroes (possibly excepting Peters) is worse than the Guardians heroes (aside from Owl). If you have limited budgets for gems, I’d hold gems for March. If you’re looking to do some summons to get Zeline, I’d do Elemental summons before or after the event. Looks like you could use a yellow hero and perhaps another blue (Sonya is a mildly less-good version of Caedmon).


Purple reflective.


[Play Style] What colors to level or Why do some players use 2+ heroes of the same color [Analysis, Math]- Updated May-08

As long as I’m not held responsible for people not beating the event, you can take what you want from it. Thanks @Elpis for having my back while I’m rambling.


I have all of the Heroes from that Event already and in my opinion, Cabin Boy Peter is the only one worth ascending to max or worrying about obtaining. If you are not that concerned about getting CBP, then save your money.


I have been hearing a lot of talk from newer players about whether competing in the Challenge Events are worth the cost of weapons used to just get through the tier levels for one, maybe two ascension items plus other common loot.? I would like to hear some opinions from some veteran players before l decide to compete. Thanks


ugh. i’ve got about 8000 gems that have been burning a hole in my pocket. I was hoping for guardians to try for panther. I think i’d be happy with peters or locke but considering the chances of getting one of those vs getting a bad pirate, i should just wait for guardians next month. oh well.


Competing is pretty much a no go for beginners. The beginner tier is dominated by experienced players, and you have to have been playing for a few months to compete at intermediate. Just completing is another story though, if you post a screenshot of your team here then someone can advise.


Do what you want but if it helps, it seems like the probability of each event hero is different. Jackal seemed way easier to get than falcon, let alone the 5* guardians. Lancelot seemed easier to grab than Merlin, and Peters seemed easier to get than Boomer in the past.


fair point mantis. maybe i’ll drop just one 10pull and see if i get a peters.
do you think its worth it if i have:
melendor at 4/70
skittle at 3/60 and
caedmon at …uh… 2ish/something (i’m in the process of leveling him now)


This is patently untrue. Well, it is dominated by experienced players, but there is a reward for completing the event, even if you do not place highly. Also, it is not that difficult to end up in the top 1000 if it is a serious goal of yours. Even though I can place highly in the top 1000, I often do not focus on doing so in the beginner portion of the event for two reasons. 1. I don’t want to edge out beginning players who are trying to score highly and 2. These events often start at the beginning of a long work stretch for me and I have limited time, therefore I’d rather focus on the Advanced portion of the event.

Focus not just on your heroes, but also on your troops if you hope to do well in this event. That’s where the majority of players fall down. They don’t have the appropriate troops available and trained up for the event.

Experienced players have three sets of troops developed and kept for events such as these. You need One set of 2 star troops, one set of 3 star troops and if you can get them one set of 4 star troops. You cannot use 3 or 4 star troops in the beginner level.


for intermediate and advanced, it’s absolutely worth it if you need to use battle items to complete. ascension mats are always more valuable than farmable battle items.

now throwing a ton into trying to make top 20 or 50. that’s another story. very individual dependent on team and skill.


I said you can’t compete as a beginner, but you can complete. The beginner tier is absolutely dominated by experienced players. You might not do it, neither do I, but the top ranking players getting the best rewards for the tier are experienced players.