Challenge Event - Thanks and Suggestion

Here’s the event cheat sheet posted previously. :grin:


I do appreciate the expanded brackets.

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I don’t hear rumors… The way I see it, it’s either false and you shouldn’t believe players that make up stories, or it’s true and then why the **** do some players have a secret channel to SG?


Rumors from who?

PS - thanks for expanding the tiers SGG!

Don’t know if it’s true (yay, more rumors :rofl:) but I heard many times that there is a locked part of the forums around here where only select few players are invited.

Beta Players Forum i guess?

No, plenty of us have access to beta, it’s not a secret part. I’ve heard of another part, but, like I said, it’s rumors.

I’m in beta, never heard such a thing.

I’m in beta but I know some people have access to more info than we do. If there is a secret society it isn’t a big deal to me, but if I reveal who suggested the info, they will be booted from said group. It may have just been a conversation with the developers about what they were thinking.

In any case, if it is a false rumor, then there is nothing to address. If the rumor is true, I wanted us to get our opinions in before the change was irreversible.

The main part of the post was that I am happy about the increased top 50 -> 100 tier.

For the times I’ve finished just barely out of top 50, I am very happy about this. (52 & 75)

Although Im hoping I can break top 10 this time :slight_smile:

This would be a pretty good way to invalidate crafting in the game. Let’s hope this is simply a rumor.

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Thanks for the reply. I tend to lean on the side of the devs in the changes they make, but to exclude specific items seems even a little too control’freaky to me :slight_smile:

I mean the (now) Legendary ladder is hard enough as is for most…

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The first time I used tornadoes was during the spring event, because of the board shuffle fail bug. They aren’t necessary to win a challenge event by any means, though they’re certainly more elegant than the brute force bomb approach I use when I want to blast the level 10 bosses out of my way quickly.

I have a problem with the event. … sometimes, when i replay, The event do not register the new score. Why?

Hey Fionda,

The new score is not registered when you replay a certain stage because it hasn’t improved compared to the one you already have. It changes when you have a better timing, more combos, etc., than the previous one (and it shows new high score in green).

A rumor is a rumor until it isn’t. shrug

I hope it’s not true; I love Tornadoes and Timestops, even though I never make enough of them. :wink:

P.S. A quick search of the Forum reveals no post anywhere (and I mean anywhere) that would substantiate this rumor. I thought maybe there was a second “Ask Me Anything” that I had missed.


No, there are no such changes planned at the moment. So sounds like someone is spreading false rumors.


Thanks for the Rumor squish.

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Thanks Petri, the person told me it came from SG, and it is good that you have verified it false. I edited my post and apologize if I appeared to be spreading this info, but I had to get someone’s attention if it was true. I have 200 tornadoes and 200 dragon bombs that I didn’t want to go to waste!

I enjoyed the challenge, and I hadn’t even noticed that the intermediate and beginner tiers were widened at the bottom as well.

Ahahah, my fault
… i thought the score should get higher if you played a worst game… while it’s the contrary. Sorry :wink:

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