Challenge Event - Thanks and Suggestion

With all the complaints about other things, I wanted to say THANKS to SG for expanding the 10-50 bracket in each category to 10-100. As the number of players has expanded, this was a super competitive place to be, and the change rewards more people. I would have liked to see the 50-250 bracket expand to 100-500, but 100-300 is still good.

I have heard rumors (NOW SQUASHED SO IGNORE THE REST) that future events will have no tornadoes or time stops and possibly other items. If you are considering this, please let us know here or in beta first. There are ways of limiting those items so that they are not used solely for stage completion and may be used less frequently but with more skill.


Is there a help-thread for the event? That suggests colours and items to bring?

Here’s the event cheat sheet posted previously. :grin:


I do appreciate the expanded brackets.

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I don’t hear rumors… The way I see it, it’s either false and you shouldn’t believe players that make up stories, or it’s true and then why the **** do some players have a secret channel to SG?


Rumors from who?

PS - thanks for expanding the tiers SGG!

Don’t know if it’s true (yay, more rumors :rofl:) but I heard many times that there is a locked part of the forums around here where only select few players are invited.

Beta Players Forum i guess?

No, plenty of us have access to beta, it’s not a secret part. I’ve heard of another part, but, like I said, it’s rumors.

I’m in beta, never heard such a thing.

I’m in beta but I know some people have access to more info than we do. If there is a secret society it isn’t a big deal to me, but if I reveal who suggested the info, they will be booted from said group. It may have just been a conversation with the developers about what they were thinking.

In any case, if it is a false rumor, then there is nothing to address. If the rumor is true, I wanted us to get our opinions in before the change was irreversible.

The main part of the post was that I am happy about the increased top 50 -> 100 tier.

For the times I’ve finished just barely out of top 50, I am very happy about this. (52 & 75)

Although Im hoping I can break top 10 this time :slight_smile:

This would be a pretty good way to invalidate crafting in the game. Let’s hope this is simply a rumor.

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Thanks for the reply. I tend to lean on the side of the devs in the changes they make, but to exclude specific items seems even a little too control’freaky to me :slight_smile:

I mean the (now) Legendary ladder is hard enough as is for most…

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The first time I used tornadoes was during the spring event, because of the board shuffle fail bug. They aren’t necessary to win a challenge event by any means, though they’re certainly more elegant than the brute force bomb approach I use when I want to blast the level 10 bosses out of my way quickly.

I have a problem with the event. … sometimes, when i replay, The event do not register the new score. Why?

Hey Fionda,

The new score is not registered when you replay a certain stage because it hasn’t improved compared to the one you already have. It changes when you have a better timing, more combos, etc., than the previous one (and it shows new high score in green).

A rumor is a rumor until it isn’t. shrug

I hope it’s not true; I love Tornadoes and Timestops, even though I never make enough of them. :wink:

P.S. A quick search of the Forum reveals no post anywhere (and I mean anywhere) that would substantiate this rumor. I thought maybe there was a second “Ask Me Anything” that I had missed.


No, there are no such changes planned at the moment. So sounds like someone is spreading false rumors.


Thanks for the Rumor squish.

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