Challenge Event Suggestion-Player Divisions



This is my first post on the forums so please be kind. Been playing for about 6 months and lurking.
I did a search and did not find a similar idea so am going to put it out there.

The challenge events are fun and I enjoy coming up with strategies to try and beat the final levels.

Has anyone suggested having Player Divisions in the events? Possibly based on something like team power or player level or some other metric so that the winners are based more on player skill/strategy and not purely who has had the time(and/or money) to build the strongest teams.

As I see it, the players that already have great teams have the best chance of getting the most ascension items in the event. Whereas the players with partially leveled teams, and more of a desire to get Ascension items have a smaller chance.

With divisions you could compete directly against other players that are within the same general level as you which I think would keep players more engaged in the game.

Last night I was thinking I don’t have the strength on my team to beat level 10 on Epic in Grimforest which has ascension items that I need to eventually get strong enough to move to trying for the Legendary levels.

If I thought I had an actual chance at being in the top 25,000 for example, I might be willing to buy some energy flasks or battle items. But since I know there is not really a chance I can right now, I don’t have any motivation to spend money on these things.

So I think it is a win-win for players and Small Giant. Players would be more engaged in the competition and Small Giant may increase the sales during the event.

I was able to beat Rare Level 10 Grimforest with this team and potions(1 small and 1 medium healing, 1 small antidote, 1 medium mana)
Caedmon 3/20
LiXiu 4/54
Boril 3/60
Isshtak 3/50
Rigard 4/70