Challenge Event Scoring – what makes your Master Score go up? [Answer: getting a new high score in a Stage]

How does the score or ranking work? I have been sitting here on the epic level going through every level over and over again and I dont see my “Master Score” go up much at all??
Looking for some info and again sorry if this is posted before but a search showed nothing…


I’m curious to what defines a ‘great match’

Whenever you finish a challenge event, you will see a window that tells you how many points you made and the calculation behind that given score.

If your score doesnt change much, it probably means you are either not getting a higher Total score from that level, or that you are already pretty high in the rankings and getting a few extra points wont give you a huge jump on your “master score”

By re-doing a level many times with no item usage, you will hit a wall that will hardly net you a better score. The 2 biggest factors for getting a big score when going casual is getting a Chest killed, it will net you 5k points just for that. And not using gem respawns that will kill your score.

It’s a delicate balance of using battle items, and mono teams to clear out enemies quickly.

Thanks Satan but that isn’t what I am asking…
I am sitting here looking at my “Master Score” right now 768,586… and after I beat a level it only goes up by one or two points… That is what I am asking … What makes your master score increase …


Fleeing stages until you get a board that is perfect and you make it work for you to clear it out quickly by using battle items, specials and firing diamonds.

My scores for epic.

I used triple jackal, gretel and wu mostly. took bombs, axes, arrows, and mana pots for battle items as well


Your master score is a combination of your highest score on each of the 15 levels. When you are replaying the various stages, if you don’t get a new high score on that stage, your master score won’t go up.

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Thanks!!! Now I know why!!!

I’m interested too. I would assume 4, 5 or greater tile matches but don’t know for sure.

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Hi :slight_smile: what is the " correspondance bonus "? Worry IAM french ^^

I feel if we put our heroes through all this…we deserve a higher point system. I’ve spent more money in this game then the battle points system alone. All battle point systems need to increase much higher than what they are now. Especially when you begin to reach levels above 20.

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