Challenge Event Scoring – what makes your Master Score go up? [Answer: getting a new high score in a Stage]

How does the score or ranking work? I have been sitting here on the epic level going through every level over and over again and I dont see my “Master Score” go up much at all??
Looking for some info and again sorry if this is posted before but a search showed nothing…


I’m curious to what defines a ‘great match’

Whenever you finish a challenge event, you will see a window that tells you how many points you made and the calculation behind that given score.

If your score doesnt change much, it probably means you are either not getting a higher Total score from that level, or that you are already pretty high in the rankings and getting a few extra points wont give you a huge jump on your “master score”

By re-doing a level many times with no item usage, you will hit a wall that will hardly net you a better score. The 2 biggest factors for getting a big score when going casual is getting a Chest killed, it will net you 5k points just for that. And not using gem respawns that will kill your score.

It’s a delicate balance of using battle items, and mono teams to clear out enemies quickly.

Thanks Satan but that isn’t what I am asking…
I am sitting here looking at my “Master Score” right now 768,586… and after I beat a level it only goes up by one or two points… That is what I am asking … What makes your master score increase …

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Fleeing stages until you get a board that is perfect and you make it work for you to clear it out quickly by using battle items, specials and firing diamonds.

My scores for epic.

I used triple jackal, gretel and wu mostly. took bombs, axes, arrows, and mana pots for battle items as well


Your master score is a combination of your highest score on each of the 15 levels. When you are replaying the various stages, if you don’t get a new high score on that stage, your master score won’t go up.

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Thanks!!! Now I know why!!!

I’m interested too. I would assume 4, 5 or greater tile matches but don’t know for sure.

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Hi :slight_smile: what is the " correspondance bonus "? Worry IAM french ^^

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