Challenge Event Score Cutoff for Rewards Tiers

Hi Devs and E&P Players,

As I teeter on deciding on a top 500 push on intermediate, I thought it would be great to see what the current cutoff scores at each reward level are to see if it is worth the investment for said push.

Good idea? Bad Idea? OK Idea?



Agrees. Ive callesnfornrhia aince the 1st event.

Also I will plug increaed loot tiers again. The differences between took 500 and top 100 is not great let alone other tier differences. With such a big player base, there should be wider reward bands, or guaranteed tiers beyond completion.

Sorry to hijack your thread

No worries. As an FYI - there were over a million easy on beginner. I did one level and my rank was over a million about 12 hours in yesterday. So they could definitely open up the tiers a bit.

Posted my scores for intermediate, Dont tthink I’ll manage to get any higher up. Hope you can get some useful information out of it :slight_smile:

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