Challenge Event Quests Only Help Top Tier Players


Best of luck amigo! :slight_smile:


I finished legendary with Delilah 4/55, Lianna 3/70, Boldtusk 4/70, Sit Lancelot 4/64 and Colen 3/60 + bombs, axes, mana & healing potions…
I have to say that Delilah and her minions helped, so it was most important to keep her alive :smile:
it was hard and it took forever, but at the end it was successful :slightly_smiling_face:

So, good luck


I don’t have the right heros as I’m making such little bamage to each it’s like I’m not even there, plus as you said your heros are almost fully leveled, I’m waiting on so many ascension items I can’t finish any of them.

Plus every tile I been getting is opposite to what I need

Anyway it is what it is as some have more lucknthan other so good luck yea and congrats.


I completed it with a maxed 4* team and lots of attack items, but was in the top 20,000 so no where near any ascension besides 3 to finish and a daily summons .

It can obviously be done, but not gonna get you into the real prizes.

I’ve only been playing since March, has the number of people that win increased proportional to the number of new people playing I wonder?


Funny but i with 2800 force team passed legendary without much using hightcost elements


You are so right when you say that the challenge events only help those players that are already great. The loot is far too hard to get for the players who are needing those ascention items on offer.
It’s not plausible for new members with 1 team needing final ascention materials to finish high enough in the table to receive anything that they need for their heroes.
Surely you could give out separate loot for all members who have team power under 3000 or something similar.