Challenge Event Quests Only Help Top Tier Players


I finished legendary with Delilah 4/55, Lianna 3/70, Boldtusk 4/70, Sit Lancelot 4/64 and Colen 3/60 + bombs, axes, mana & healing potions…
I have to say that Delilah and her minions helped, so it was most important to keep her alive :smile:
it was hard and it took forever, but at the end it was successful :slightly_smiling_face:

So, good luck


I don’t have the right heros as I’m making such little bamage to each it’s like I’m not even there, plus as you said your heros are almost fully leveled, I’m waiting on so many ascension items I can’t finish any of them.

Plus every tile I been getting is opposite to what I need

Anyway it is what it is as some have more lucknthan other so good luck yea and congrats.


I completed it with a maxed 4* team and lots of attack items, but was in the top 20,000 so no where near any ascension besides 3 to finish and a daily summons .

It can obviously be done, but not gonna get you into the real prizes.

I’ve only been playing since March, has the number of people that win increased proportional to the number of new people playing I wonder?


Funny but i with 2800 force team passed legendary without much using hightcost elements


You are so right when you say that the challenge events only help those players that are already great. The loot is far too hard to get for the players who are needing those ascention items on offer.
It’s not plausible for new members with 1 team needing final ascention materials to finish high enough in the table to receive anything that they need for their heroes.
Surely you could give out separate loot for all members who have team power under 3000 or something similar.


When I first started playing empires and puzzles the event quest didn’t have completion loot. There really was no reason to try to compete. Now they have completion loot and for epic and legendary levels its good 4* hero ascendion items. Now there is a reason to compete for for low leveled players. Completing epic and legendary events is the quickest way to get several ascend items at once. To get rank in the top 5000 requires a lot of battle items, strategies, and replaying to get better better scores. Isn’t not supposed to be easy. This game is a game of patience, in for the long haul. There are no instant results even if you pay a lot of money since you’d have to wait to get those ascend items.


I would like to see a locked quest for lower levels though because like said us that have heroes that are not maxed out cannot get through even the rare stages. Can the be a way to create a quest that only allows power level of say 1400 then every one gets a chance to participate


The monthly events are aimed more at the higher players I think. They’re a challenge for lower level players to get good enough to beat them, not something that everyone has the right to be able to complete.
When they started, I barely managed to finish Rare. I was surprised to top out in Epic at stage 7. Didn’t even try Legendary, and kicked myself afterwards for not at least trying and grabbing the silver token.
It was the third monthly event before I could complete all the tiers. Longer before Legendary wasn’t hard going for me.
As for actually competing for top scores… I’m still not that dedicated, but the ordinary completion rewards are pretty good on their own.


I was the same before not being able to even complete rare event and and never got far in the other 2 but I did try and keep trying as I am not one to back down. If you go in expecting to lose then losing is more amusing than it is frustrating.

This event thought I actually completed the rare and epic and currently on the last level of legendary which I don’t expect to complete as little red riding hood is quite tough there protecting the other 2 but I will keep trying.

I also put clips out in youtube which has helped other team members out.

I had actually had a 30 minute battle (yes also uploaded) on last level of legendary but my loss help 2 others complete that level so I am happy.

Events are a sort of bonus extras for those who can achieve them and not meant to be easy.

Have fun with it and learn from it.


Your right. The challenge events are to hard to get ranked within the ascention items limit unless you are a high roller player


Maybe it would be useful to be able to at least see how you did in the challenge compared to people of a similar level of experience. There wouldn’t have to be a reward for this, per se, but I would really like to know how I did – For the record, I am player level 20, my team has a power of 2100 or so (a little lower for the challenge, since I couldn’t bring Sabina, my only somewhat-leveled four-star), I barely managed to finish the rare event, and am quite happy with myself. But I have no idea where my 305,508 points rank for someone who has only been playing as long as I have (since the top 100 is all veterans who fielded their D teams to slum it in the rare tier).