Challenge Event Quests Only Help Top Tier Players


Can you come up with challenge event quests that help lower tier players? I have a 3342 team power and can’t make it past level 4 on epic or level 3 on legendary. How can lower level players compete to get better than 5000? All these event quests do is make the top 100 players more powerful and let them switch around in the top. Can there be challenge event quests for players with less than 2000 gold cups? Something that can make lower level players excited to keep playing instead of frustrated and not want to invest time in playing? Is the goal of this game to have people invest as much money as possible just to enjoy it? Now I’m sure I will get feedback from players telling me unuseful information… not really interested in that. If you can share something that isn’t sarcastic or demeaning… I would like to hear. I do like playing the game… having an alliance, fighting titans, alliance wars, etc… but it is frustrating trying to get useful items and power up your teams… but having to spend a boatload of money or hours and hours of play to just to do a 10 pick summon for 2600 gems or $30 to get 8 - 3☆ heroes and 2 - 4☆ heroes? Figure out something to keep lower level players/alliances excited to play!


I agree with this sentiment. More events like the sand empire one where even lower level players can get good drops and at least complete the easier tier of rewards would be nice.


Who are you taking to the fight ? I completed epic with a 3296 team and no battle items needed.

I used double green and triple purple. Melandor, caedmon,tibertus,Sabina and cyprian (the latter not fully levelled)

Working on legendary now.


Thanks for the response. The 3342 team was againstthe legendary. My epic level team has 2719 power and includes. Caedmon, boomer, li xiu, rigard and kelile. I have sabina and melandor but not leveled up too much. These are my strongest, maybe not best, to bring to the fight. Here is a screenshot of 4☆ heroes. I have a decent amount but don’t have them leveled up too far. So are you ranked up above 5000? Just curious… thanks.



Ah - my mistake. I’m not above 5k yet . My first Avalon so I do it slowly and learn the 1st time around.

What I would say about your team is you have a lot of decent heros there. But they are all partially levelled. I would take a set to the max, or as far as you can before working on new ones.


Good advice. My second Avalon, finally finished all tiers without gems to continue. First time around finished Epic with an unleveled team but all were at least in 3rd ascension. I would focus on getting a full 4* team maxed unless you have all the mats for the 5*. I learned the hard way, fully maxed 4* have higher def and attack stats than 5* at 3-70. Will serve you better in raids and titans to help get mats for 5*.


Yeah, with that list of heroes you have the tools to do just fine in the events, but as was advised above: Focus on cranking one team up as high as possible before building the rest.


Hi all

I have completed the challenge event rare and epic and now onto 3rd level of legendary

My team fir rare was actually pretty weak as I don’t concentrate too much on rare heros yet completed the levels quite easily.

As for epic my team power atm is at 2795 and and cups are around the 1400 mark and completed epic stage also quite easily with only the last level needed to be done twice but thst was my fault and all up used very little battle items.

Now on legendary 3rd level snd just waiting to reload energy to continue but so far the first 2 levels where pretty easy.

I certainly won’t make top player but then again that purposely designed for far stronger teams. I AGREE though that there could be some ascension items in all the reward packages making it more interesting for lower level players. This game lacks the knowledge of how to provide decent incentives for different levels but having said that I really oy completing it for personal satisfaction.

I reckon they should divide the challenge into cup grade levels like bronze, silver, gold etc etc and give a top tier prize fir each of those levels rather than only a single top tier which is only obtainable by top ranking players.

Mot complaining here just stating options.

Good Luck all


I completed rare and epic.

I’m not ranked anywhere special but I still got some rare mats and really enjoyed playing it.

I have a good bank of 3* and was fortunate that my strong 4* were suitable - tibs Rigard Scarlett Colen and Caedmon. Used lots of arrows and some bombs but was essentially untroubled.

I’ve not spent a penny, just play often and get those training camps working :grinning:

Also I’m under 2000 cups except on a good day


Something you do not do well. I have fought with 3200, with a team of 4 incomplete, a colen 4/70, Wu 4/70, sabina 4/70, gormek 3/60 and litle jhon 3/60 and I have gone epic without suffering, with axes and bombs at the end. And with the same team, changing only to LJ, for a Kadilen to 3/70 and adding dragon attacks in the last one I’ve passed legendary


Legendary done with a team power of 3316
Only 1 5* - not completely levelled


partner. read the forum a lot or look for a good partnership to teach you, because with that equipazo, 5 *, only 3/70 you must walk in legendary. For Martalump


Why this content is hidden, its not offensive and he is saying something important!
I agree with you Onelight, same here, just staying for my friends after spending a lot, sometimes i feel so stupid for beong fooled.


If you’ll look at the top Epic team as of now, you’ll see Wu Kong, Scarlett, Guardian Falcon, Boldtusk and Gormek. Only Guardian Falcon is a special hero.


Question, how do you get through the 3 bosses which keep replenishing thier hp faster than you can bring it down, also as soon as you revive a hero and it is instantly shot back out, it’s like the system forces you to use battle items.they increase mana faster than you can shot tiles and that when you get tiles and bing able to fill your own mana with using mana potions is almost impossible.

Also why do hero points only score 5 to 30 points per tile hit where anywhere else in the game they count as 15 to 300 plus points. Legendary is designed only for 5* players to complete.

Not complaining here, just stating facts as it’s been fun playing but have given ip on then as I have tried every combination available to me and I have chance in the world of going any further.

Good luck to those who can.


Depending on the event, there are a number of strategies you can use to increase your damage output. I’ve heard that riposte works well, but I tend to favor mana control (Chao + Little John) to keep the bosses from firing their specials while attack increasers (Boldtusk + Tiburtus) bump up my damage to reasonable levels:


As I said you need to be pretty strong power to get anywhere plus also the hits uour getting for tiles are over 150 on most part where I rarely get anything over 30 with most being 5 to 25 points, big big difference.


  • If you have WuKong he can make a big difference.

  • Bringing 5xAxes+5xBombs also helps a great deal. As well as a mana pot or attack banner.

  • Defence debuffers help alot.

  • Color stacking is good tactic.

  • Charging up all your heros and clearing out “useless” tiles on wave 2 is also a good tip.

The basic strategy if you use all these tips boils down to this:

Go in with a team consisting on 2-3 colors. Load up all your heros mana on wave 2, while keeping one monster alive. Clear out tiles of colors you’re not using while trying to preserve diamonds. Kill the last monster with tiles. Fire off your axes and bombs. Use your attack banner. Use all your heros specials. Trigger WuKong. Trigger diamonds. Color match and try to kill one boss at the time. When one is dead, ghost and mana up your heros again and keep wearing them down.

If all this fails. Then your team just isnt strong enough. Keep growing and improving. The knock the next event out of the park :slight_smile:


Hey mate, that’s not bad, I been using bombs, axes, mana and hp potions, and I already do this loading of heros before ending every round, have done since week 2 I started playing but you mentioned something that I was doing the complete opposite of, I was using all my heros attacks first and then only using the flags, bombs etc towards the end if I saw I vould by using them, but never thought of going the other way around and keeping tiles till last.

I’ll try that and see how i go.



Best of luck amigo! :slight_smile: