Challenge Event Question: Tornadoes


How do tornadoes (or do they) affect your match score? Does it count as a move?

For example: if you clear the first board with a cascade of 10 (meaning you have an awesome starting match score), and then have no really solid move on the second board (or maybe you do a massive cascade of off-color tiles but don’t clear the board and don’t have a good move to make) and use a tornado, then what? Let’s say it makes a combo 2 - does that mean your match score gets cut down to 6 (10+2 divided by 2) or does it increase your match score to 12 or does it change nothing?

Kind of a weird one, I know, but I was curious since other battle items obviously don’t affect match score.


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I’d say using the tornado will not but the cascade after will as you have no control of what happens next could affect it.
Iv only seen 3* event advice on what they do iv never seen the 5* on there tips on getting a high score be interesting to see or hear.

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Good question. I will test it in the next event :slight_smile:


My understanding is that Tornadoes do NOT count as a move. For this reason, any tiles that match off using one will result in a boost / increase to the “match bonus” component of the event score which is in essence based on the number of tiles thrown per move made.

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Wow, I am a bit surprised at that…guess I know how I’ll break top 100 next time LOL.

For the record, I usually finish between 500-800 so this could be the leg up needed to get to the next loot tier.

From my experience tornadoes do not help the match bonus and just slow you down. I do not use tornadoes in the event. Match bonus only goes up with tiles moved by a physical move.

I have asked from someone who sometimes go for top 100 in events, and he said the same as you.
So tornado does not help in match bonus…
It just help you to deal with a better shield alignment and finish quicker.

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