Challenge Event Problems

On the “Fables of Grimforest”, I was playing under “Epic”, number 4. I was battling the Cat, the final boss, for 48 minutes. Neither myself nor the Cat, were getting anywhere. Why was this Cat Boss in a continuous loop?? Has anyone else encountered similar problems or issues with the Challenge Event: “Fables of Grimforest”??

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I am sorry that you played that event for a long time, and used alot of weapons. It doesn’t seem fair when the enemies you fight keep renewing their energy all the time when you fight against them.

Hi welcome to the forum, could you please give us some more details about the team you were using and what exactly happened? Puss in Boots can generate minions, which can really make it difficult to kill him if you are not careful. Try to kill the other two monsters and ghost tiles to build up your hero specials and then attack him in one go with all your specials. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Were you just not able to kill them in time? Puss’ special skill summons minions that make him more beefy and regenerates health, that might be the cause.


I don’t think it’s a bug, I think it was a case of Damage being dealt ~= damage being healed by puss… Thus leading to the loop.


  • Take a mana controller
  • Ghost tiles as much as possible
  • Take some extra hitters & less healers
  • Charge specials before heading into the final boss round

Puss can summon a lot of minions. If you can’t deal enough damage quick enough, or stop him with mana control, it’s going to be very unfun. One of my alliance members brought extra healers, he had to bail because he was unable to do enough damage to kill Puss.
The 2nd time he didn’t make that mistake.


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