Challenge event pointless

Zero 4 star ascension items for completing the 5 star level?? I dont need any more shields etc - have over 30 - not wasting my time and world energy just to an epic hero token where i will get another crappy 3 star feeder…i get better loot sometimes from a normal chest…


You get better loot than a WE Flask, EHT, 40 Emblems, Cape, Gloves, and Shield, all from a normal chest? I wish I had that kind of luck!!!


Please say that you are trolling here…

Good for u buddy , don’t play if you don’t want…

I finished it for such loot as I’m low on tokens.

If only I could play for u and give me the rewards I would be golden lol 🙆

Edit: wonder if this is a general complaint post …:thinking:


I have - and definitely have had better in a colored chest

I would agree with you somewhat if it weren’t for the emblems. You might be able to get 40 emblems out of a chest, every 1-2 weeks. Nothing else to spend WE on right now.


My point is for an event that happens once a year and the amount of time etc it takes to complete it should have better loot for us nonwhale players than a sield etc which i can get from the ads, emblems you can get every week etc


The challenge events happen every month though. And each particular event happens every 5 months.


I blew through farholme pass in a few minutes and got a damascus blade - and they want me to wade through all the levels of challenge events for some 3 star ascension items that i have 25 of? No thanks

Great thing about this game, you can pick and choose what works for you. I skip a lot of quests because the rewards aren’t worth the effort to me. I love challenge events though. I still need a lot of 3* ascension materials.


The reward that is drawing in high level players are the emblems. There seems to have been a rebalancing of loot to incorporate emblems. The loot that used to be richer in asc mats have become diluted with the inclusion of emblems.

So don’t do it?

Personally I was very happy for the gloves.

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I don’t believe the loot is diluted, but rather augmented. There never was a 4* AM reward for tier completion of the challenge events.


TWO gloves! :grin:

20 bleeping characters


That’s why I was very happy, instead of merely happy!


Ignore the dribs and drabs of free emblems at your own risk, it adds up.


What if reward system was changed for this type of events?
I mean like to create system that will reward everyone on base percentage according to team power you used in all levels. This way most or much more players could be rewarded with the same rewards that are right now available only for top100 players.
Also it could bring more money to company because more people would struggle to score the best score (or cross threshold) and they would have to restart level and it would stay the same like it is right now, just it would be spread out between more people not like it is roght now (for few biggest players)
If I had a chance to restart levels and score more points just because of the chance to cross threshold from lvl 3 to lvl2 (beetter reward) I would be more willing to buy reset like I am now… Right now there is no point for me to reset and try make better final score when I will never reach top100.

I think there is point in this, I would be very pleasured if this was implemented, I would feel much more to buy gems and reset level to be able to score better score in order to get better prizes.

Sorry if this was mentioned before.

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I doubt they’ll ever change it. Top 100 players are spending gems on refills like nuts trying to improve their scores.

Most top players don’t bother. PVE hated by many

Actually those events take you out of boredom from farming and daily quests, you feel like you can challenge for something, it makes game more interesting and enjoyable.
I just feel like effort and time put to finish the event is not rewarding.

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