Challenge event - no items allowed

Hi everybody,

This idea is a little bit like what Kerridoc have already suggested in an other topic where he had suggested to have more waves of minions before reaching the boss in the current challenge event.

So, I just propose 5 times in the year, 1 for each element, to have an event with rare, epic and legendary levels with no items allowed.
So you’ll just have to use the skills of your heroes like in raids to be able to resolve the puzzle and win.

For the bosses, no need (for me) to have new heroes, I would like personally to fight against Hotm, but if SGG want, they can use some levels already implemented on seasonal event or challenge event.

No need to have a lot of levels, I think 3 or 4 for each difficulty, with 2 or 3 waves of minions each, would be enough to have an event running on 2 days. The purpose isn’t to interfere with the actual challenge event for me.

The reward for the winner could be an Hotm if we fight against Hotm bosses for example like the actual challenge event where the winner have a seasonal hero. And for completion, I let SGG decide, I dunno.
I hope an event like this will stay a competition but if it is a completion event with no items allowed, I will play it too and, yes, the reward will not be the same, obviously.

For SGG, this could be good to have an event like that, a lot of people get a new challenge, a new type of competition and people will burn some World Energy flask to compete. SGG can have a new portal if they want and eventually don’t have to create a totally new event.

Feel free to give your opinion, thoughts and new ideas on a challenge like this one, maybe I am alone (:grin:), or this one has already been created and I didn’t see it.

This is a great idea. There could be 2 events and tou compete in both with or without items OR there could be 2 events but once you start you have to choose items or no items then it is locked in.

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This idea of 2 competitions is interesting but running 2 competitions in the same amount of time, it will be hard, I think, but why not.

On the other side, if you chose, with or without items for this competition could be a good thing and let people choose is a good thing, I believe.
It will increase the durability of the event in the future for sure.

Thanks for the answer and the idea.

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