Challenge Event Match Bonus = 0

Just completed Legendary stage 11 (May Guardians of Teltoc). I finished in 1:08 so I thought I’d have a good score, but was surprised it was so low. Turns out I had a 0 for match bonus.

I did make matches throughout the stage including via several tornadoes.
I did not video the whole stage.
I played about 5 straight legendary levels (7, 8, 9, 10, 11) and have normal scores on the other stages as well. I have since played 12 and 13 and haven’t been able to repeat it.

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I am interested to learn from the community on this.

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I’m not 100% sure but I think that if you use a tornado, it is not considered a match. You’d need to make at least one match yourself.

Are you sure you actually made matches (apart from the matches triggered by the tornado)? If you haven’t, I think that would explain the 0 match bonus. But if you have, it is indeed a bug.

P.S check out this thread:

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Can’t guarantee it, but I’m 99% sure. If I just used tornadoes and items I think I would have finished much more quickly than I did. But your hypothesis looks like the potential winner right now.

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Same thing happens in NT. Tornadoes aren’t matches.

Whether a bug or intentional you don’t count as having made a match if the Tornado (or Hurricane) makes the match for you

I find it doubtful that 5 tornadoes would be enough to get enough tiles to finish a legendary stage. Even 5 tornadoes, 5 hurricanes, and whatever other items… the bosses just have too much health.

So even with those not counting, it seems odd to get a match bonus of zero.

I never pay attention to scores, but I thought match bonus reflects things like cascades, or if you do something special other than just matching 3 (i.e. forming dragons, or diamonds). So, if all your moves only result in matching 3, you get 0 bonus, but if you cause a cascade or something, you get extra points. Someone else probably has a better answer, but just my 2 cents.

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