Challenge Event Loot - Replicate Raid Tournament Loot Tiers

It would be really cool if they brought the raid tournament loot to the challenge events. I am picturing the Top 100 or 1000 or (insert threshold here) remains the same as today’s challenge event loot, but then reward the Top 1%, 1%-5%, etc.

That way we all have something to compete for.

It’s not quite a duplicate, as this poses a new idea based off of new functionality, but I won’t rage-quit if it’s moved.

First off, even though (right now) the raid tournament rewards are low… I LOVE THE STRUCTURE

What I have always hated about Empires and Puzzles is how the rewards are doled out in the top tiers for Challenge Events. Even when I posted my uber-positive post back in February, it was highlighted there:

With that said… I propose this:

Instead of Rank 1 (and ONLY one person) getting the loot… make it 1%. And so on, as follows:

Rank 1: Top 1%
Rank 2-10: 1-5%
Rank 101-2000: 5-10%
Rank 3001-50000: 10-25% (But include a 3* non-farmable ascension mat and emblems)
Rank 50001-100000: 25-50% (But include a few more emblems)
Below 1000001: 50-100% (silver token)

Maintain the leaderboard, giving flask-only rewards out to the top 10, adding to the Top 1% rewards they already qualify for:

Rank 1: 7 World, 5 Raid, 5 Titan
Rank 2: 5 World, 3 Raid, 3 Titan
Rank 3: 3 World, 3 Raid, 3 Titan
Rank 4-10: 2 World, 2 Raid, 2 Titan


  1. This would allow more players to have the opportunity at the rewards
  2. GUARANTEED Spending would increase. Some (myself included) do NOT spend, because we KNOW it is hopeless to beat a particular score. However if you are going for a range? Why, yes, I’ll buy a few more flasks.
  3. There is no #3
  4. I want there to be a #4 but I decided to make a fifth one instead
  5. The fifth one sounded good in my head, but was really just a reiteration of #1 and #2.
  6. This will increase post-event gameplay as people use their rewards. More people spending more time playing = more money
  7. Customer satisfaction will increase.

Some already hate this idea
I don’t care. I feel it would get more supporters than detractors.

Am I asking for the moon when I just want a slice of pie?
Maybe. But if someone says it’ll hurt SG bottom line, I will flatly disagree. If someone thinks that more people (especially FTP) will get bored with the game? I also disagree. You want people playing your game and this will encourage that.

People complain about rewards?


This will be an opportunity for a windfall for some. A legitimate shot at the top loot.

I dout that will ever change but what I would like see is a reward of at least 1 event summons token for completing all 3 events.

Somehow I don’t see this as asking to much as a reward fir such an event.


Definitely would make it easier not to pay to compete

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Why change it now? You have your “reward system” for raid tourneys. Are you greedy and want challenge events as well to match your play style? I can’t see me ever trying to do a top ten in events because it’s not my thing but I’ll always complete them for the easy rewards and not hold it against those who want to spend the effort.

Rather than just argue with you, use sarcasm or directly respond to your comment, i will just express my disagreement with your comment and the sentiment you posted with.

Why argue it was a simple question. Is there a reason other then you want the rewards for suggesting such a change?

Well said and argued, but I believe those percentages should be lowered. I am also someone who doesn’t push to get in the top 100 because the loot isn’t worth it IMO. I only have 10 maxed 5 stars and 23 maxed 4 stars, so I could compete in the Epic event. I also have 48 world energy flask taking up digital space and collecting digital dust. The reason I don’t try is because you have to be in the top 10 to get anything meaningful. There are 1 million people that enter these events, and 10 only get pretty good loot. I believe that’s 0.001%. That’s absurd to me so I don’t even try. But I definitely would if 5,000 got the same loot as only 10 do now.

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The idea is really great! Current rewarding system in challenge events is complete failure.
For now the most rewarded ranks from 1-100 are still occupied by the same players what not allows other players to enjoy some unique rewards. While playing Avalon I realised that I will never have a possibility to reach top ranks. I spent all energy flasks, all materials to make battle items, but I still have 100k points left to be top 1. Seems impossible.
Another thing is that Challenge Events have only 4-5*, what, matching with odds makes chance only 5% to have some unique heroes.
Challenge Events are for now only designed for P2W players…

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All top ranked players are for p2w players in any game the rest needs to just enjoy game that their contributions allow you to play for free.

Yea a few free players may reach the top ranks but I garantee you they didn’t do it by whinging about those that do pay.

Have fun!

When Pirates came out way back when this structure may have made sense, I bet we have at least 3x more people now - so they simply need to scale to reflect the much larger player base.

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I had the same idea a few days ago:

@zephyr1 @Rook

Can we combine @shmup-o thread with this one, since this one has 8 votes, and the other has 3? (more votes for same idea = better)

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When there’s a duplicate, i move everything to the older (original) post. :slight_smile:


Thats fine. Whatever had more votes.

i think it merges the votes. Must ask a more savvy Mod. :wink:

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