Challenge Event - Latest Shakedown Attempt by E&P


Challenge event is nothing more than an attempt by E&P to get the lemmings to blow boocoo amounts of crafted items in an attempt to be the .1 percent who actually gets a payoff in the game. What a sham that the levels are so hard at the end that there is no other way to complete them without loading up on the battle items. Also heres a hint E&P, the people who are placing in the top 10 are already the same players who are in the top 100 players in the game. I assume those top hundred and more are probably your biggest spenders in the game in order to get to the top 100 and as such you are just taking money from yourself. You are now giving those players loads of acension items that they probably don’t even need or they’re going to level up their 10th to 15th hero while the rest of the players in the game struggle to get one hero that high.

Oh and nice that you release a rare quest at the same time…trying to rack up the refills i see. We wait weeks between rare quests but now you miraculously release one at the same time that the challenge event comes out which requires a ton of energy points already…

Maybe im just salty as I just got no reward yet again for 5 Titan kills in a row where I averaged an A rating and the Titans were level 7 or above. Not one item over level 3 for the entire five Titans or the Titan chest. Ridiculous. Should be used to it by now I guess though.


I was hoping the rewards for completion would be better than this. The beginner level a daily summon token is just a joke. They need to make the rewards random so everyone has a good chance. The top players keep getting stronger and better items whereas the weaker don’t get jack ■■■■.


Dont you think they have put already too much random by chance things? If they did the same for copletition award nobody would get even lousy token :confused:


They should still have the rewards but expand it further so people lower down gets something as well. I know how the lottery works. 1st place gets 95% of the reward and 2nd place gets 3%, the rest is spreaded downwards. Why not make it a little more balance so that everyone who participates get something. Right now in beginners/int/advance 101 or lower rank gets a daily summon token (SERIOUSLY)??. Why not make that a EPIC hero token atleast. Lots of people are lower rank and can’t compete with the whales who pumped a ton of money into the game. Why not give them a chance to get a better card? Daily summon is just a slap in the face.


Well, I haven’t spend any money on this game (sorry small giant :wink:) and I am still on rank 62 of intermediate right now (I am expecting to drop down a bit, since my team is not maxed yet). Took me probably a lot more time to get here than the paying customers, but this game really is not a pay to win game. It is only pay to speed up.
I am not near the top 100 yet, but I do know a few people who got there without spending and I know people who got there a lot faster with spending quite a bit.
I think this is one of the better games in the free to play game categories, and yes, it does get frustrating (especially the titan chest, the rewards in there are ridiculous), but overall it is a great game in my opinion.
I do agree on the rare quest though, today I haven’t replayed any level in the event yet because of it, so that is strange timing. But the event is up for another 2 days, so plenty of time left to climb a bit higher?


Really, my only problem is that the leaderboards for this event are global. If it was regional, the prizes would be in reach for a ton more people, at the cost of giving away only 3x or 4x as much stuff.


I agree 100% with Blitz!!

I would even spend gems, if they were more in line with other games. Right now it is 4.99 for 400 gems which lets me gamble once for an epic summon. I have a higher chance that this will just be a 3star hero (one that I already have or can make) . That is NOT worth a $5 purchase! Other games seem to have their gems priced properly compared to this app.

However the game itself is very fun an addicting. I just can’t ever see paying for gems to support them at these prices.


Before: There is no ascension items and loot tier sucks! Give us more and better rewards!

Now: You give us what we want, but it’s too difficult and only the stronger get’em! Give a chance to all minor spender to have the same things of your bests clients!

After (?): You give us a lot of ascension items and epic token, but it’s not giving me what i want! Fix it!

Good is never good enough.


I don’t even want ascension items. I just want a chance at a 4star hero…sheesh.


Right now for the casual spender there is no purpose spending money trying to get 4* and 5* heroes if you can’t get the ascension materials to ascend them. If you give people the mats they might actually spend money at the money pit with the super small chance at a 4*/5* summon.


Before: There is no ascension items and loot tier sucks! Give us more and better rewards!

Now: You give us what we want, but it’s too difficult and only the stronger get’em! Give a chance to all minor spender to have the same things of your bests clients!

After (?): You give us a lot of ascension items and epic token, but it’s not giving me what i want! Fix it!

Good is never good enough.

Who said they gave anyone what they wanted? Thats the point of the thread. They have made a new way for them to money grab even more. So if you ae good with that then i guess you are right and all is well in lemming land…keep forking them over all your money for ridiulously low payouts on everything and there is little incentive for them to change.


Fact is you want all, and you want now. You don’t care if in the store is a game pointed as -buy in app-
You said they treat better great purchaser. Oh really? How strange!
You don’t care if it is a timer game, that requires patience and a lot of time to build something good. Nope.
You don’t care that this is a monthly event that you can even suck now, but tomorrow get good. Nope.
You don’t care that they don’t have a single obbligation to do something like that, with something like team limitation just to give to all at least an opportunity to have something. Nope.

You know what? Probably i’m not gonna win anything in this event.
Probably i just burn a lot of items and resource.
But ■■■■, i tried. And it is really fun.

I have 2 five stars and some four star even if i’m not a great spender.
I fight for a very long time with 3 stars and wait patiently knowing that if i persist, more or less my times comes.

So spare me the sad story of the little guy who never pick anything good.
Sit, play and wait.


Did you even look through the rewards? Just completing all 10 levels gives decent rewards in tokens and ascension items. Is it tough? Sure, but possible with a 3^ 4* team on intermediate so it isn’t outrageous.

Take this event as a learning opportunity and stock up for the next one.


They put the rewards for completion, which a lot of people did. Giving everyone 3 epic hero tokens for basically clearing the first level of each does seem a bit extreme.


Seeing as this is the only thread I can find going on the event I’ll post my two cents.

I tend to agree with everything said about the rewards being pointless unless you get top 20 in a difficulty.
Also the way the rewards are valued is beyond my understanding.
1 alliance energy flask in first place yet 2 rings?
How is that balanced? I’ll take 2 rings over 10 alliance energy, or any other 4* color specific ascension item. Would have been a much better idea to spread the items out a bit instead of loading up on one type as well. Very poor planning really.

The next part is the enemies, this competition absolutely punishes 2 groups of players. Those weak on yellow and those strong on purple.
For the upper 2 difficulty levels a double up on yellow is a must. Wu Kong is almost a guarantee starter in most teams for this event. Would have been much better format for all if small giant listened to its majority group instead of a tiny amount of elite players.


If anyone has played Marvel Puzzle Quest (I’m a regular player), they have tiered events for everything, meaning you get to choose what levels the AI is based on your heroes. It’s not just 3 tiers but about 8. I fluctuate between level 6 and 8, depending on what rewards I want and what I can get. I often don’t aim for top 100, but sometimes I’m lucky and get in the top 50 in my tier. Plus you can only commit to one tier so once you’re locked in, you can’t change.

The system in MPQ is something E&P should aim to look like (not identical, but unique to E&P). It should provide enough width for all players to compete. There wouldn’t be much benefit for top players playing tier 1 as the rewards would suit new/low level hero players, thus people are competing against like players.

What they have done is small step in the right direction, with plenty of opportunity to improve and modify.

Personally, I struggled with the events as I don’t have enough quality heroes to make an impact, but I know what I need to do to prepare for next month.


Don’t forget that this is E&P’s first challenge as well as ours. So for them it’s a learning opportunity.


You take the words out of my mouth Blitz.
The event is lengthy, the payout is in no proportion to the invested effort and the end bosses are much harder than the earlier stages suggest.


I agree that the event was quite lengthy. Maybe what they can do is have a smaller event every two weeks instead of a bigger one each month. I agree that payouts should be a bit better especially in the lower tiers. Right now only the top 20 have decent returns which is fine, but increase the payouts at the bottom a bit so people who are not just starting out or who are not whales can have a chance at something.


I think a good reward for the beginner level completion might be a special event token that gets you one of the event 4* heroes. Maybe add one more 3 or 4 star ascension item to the intermediate completion bonus.

The payout was worth it for me, at least for intermediate, because I’m in the spot a lot of folks are, waiting for ascension items, so the chance to grab some with the intermediate completion bonus, even if it took a huge chunk of world energy for a day or two and a bunch of battle items figuring out boss strategy, was totally worth it.

and after whining about not being able to beat the final level with a non-fully ascended 4 star team, I wiped my tears, put on my big boy pants, planned out a good battle item strategy, played slow, and brought it home fairly easily after TPK the first time through (including a gem buy). I didn’t have a 3 star team ready for the last one, but it was probably the same there.