Challenge Event in-battle score board

Would be nice to see an active scoreboard of current points while in a battle instead of waiting until the end to see your score. That way you can better adjust to get a better score.

P.s. this is just for the challenge events

What would you “adjust”? When I’m work8ng on an event level, I’m fully focused on the boards and gameplay status. I can’t imagine what I’d learn from seeing a score updated in real time. Just okay flat out, build combos, move fast, and grab a quick heal at the end if possible.

It’s not my style, but I can see the major competitors recording a fight, then going over an updating realtime score frame by frame in the recording as they try to analyse what causes each score change and work out optimum tactics.

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I’m not sure if I agree with the tracking mid level. What I would love to see, is a target score for the #1 position (after the level is completed). I’ve seen this request posted before so I’m just reiterating it!

Basically, i’d love a target to aim for so I know how far off I am! Maybe you could click on the #1 spot on leader board and see what they scored per level?

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Two reasons.

1-item conservation - if you are really trying to place it requires an immense amount of items. If you are no where close to beating your previous score I’d rather not waste precious items. Some of the items cost quite a bit to make.

2-it would be nice to see if your strategy is working by having some real-time feedback; id like to see the cause and effect of my strategy to see if I need to select a different lineup altogether or swap a hero to be more effective.

Fair points, though I think the clock and a gut-check about how the round is going serve pretty well.