Challenge event...I should know this

Can I use a 3* team on all levels or only rare?

You can use on all levels but you won’t get far on them


You can use a 3* team on any level of the event. But good luck trying it on legendary.

The point of using that baby team is for newbies. If they score one point in each, there is a daily token from each. This means way cheap hero. If one is a 3*, WHEEE. It is cost effective for anyone farming below say 5-8.

True. I kicked myself for not realising that in the first event and missing out on a token. Made sure to at least take a stab at legendary in the next ones even when I couldn’t get past the first level.

You see how the small stuff new players really need to know goes unmentioned.

I don’t remember, but I think you have to at least complete the first stage to receive the minimum reward.

I am going to intentionally blow the first bit of each to make sure. Would be great if it works.

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As long as you kill one single minion you’ll get a participation award. :+1:

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So, do you think a 3* team could take down a monster in the legendary section? Given the possibility of needing arrows or bombs for that, it might not be cost effective.

I’d assume it’s possible. I’ve always gotten the token since I started trying, but I did have a 4* at 3/60 to work with. When I have some flags after finishing the event I might try a rare level team in legendary to see how far I can get.

Good luck and 20 heroes

Just for the curious, I tried to do this using the team I beat Rare with, Tyrum, Valen, Melia, Belith & Gato, all fully leveled with maxed specials, using 2* troops and minor healing pots, normal mana pots, arrows, and axes.

I made it through the first round of level 1 in Legendary, and was in a war of attrition between my last hero and the last monster when I failed to grind it down before it did the same to me.

I tried again, this time using Hawkmoon, Valen, Melia, Belith, and Ulmer, not changing the items. With an extra healer I finished level 1 and made it through to the second round of stage 2 before getting wiped.

I don’t doubt that one of the really dedicated top players could better my performance with the same heroes, and someone using 3* and better troops and items with those 3* heroes would have an easier time too, but it’s certainly possible to win a round of Legendary using the Rare limitations only.