Challenge event heroes

Other than Guin, who are the ones to really hope for?

Pretty much all of them are good…even Sargasso, Kestrel, Owl and Kong.

Top ones are Arthur, Red Hood, and Guardian Panther.

Those maybe top, but guardian J and K are the only elemental downs in their color and therefore important for titans and events.

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Yeah, I agree, the heroes that are Elemental defense debuffers are a huge benefit for titans. That’s Panther, Jackal, and Falcon from Guardians; and Arthur from Knights.

Merlin from Knights, Hansel and Gretel from Grimforest, and Cabin Boy Peters from Pirates are great for various takes on mana control.

Interestingly, only Panther and Arthur are 5* out of those, so the others are all comparatively obtainable.


I was lucky and got Morgan during the first Avalon event. Have had a great deal of fun using her on offense.

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These are the event heroes I value as good.

Knights of Avalon:

  • Guinevere (5*) - Best Tank (War/Defense)
  • Arthur (5*) - Ice Elemental Defense Down (Titans/Offense/Events)
  • Merlin (4*) - Mana Control (Events/Offense)
  • Lancelot (4*) - High Tile Damage & Buff (Titans/Offense)
  • Morgan Le Fay (5*) - DOT & High Survivability (Offense)

Pirates of Corellia:

  • Peters (4*) - Mana Control (Events/Offense)
  • Lady Locke (5*) - High Tile Damage & DOT & Cleanse (Titans/Raid Offense)

Fables of Grimmforest:

  • Hansel (4*) - Mana Control (Events/Offense)
  • Gretel (4*) - Mana Control (Events/Offense)
  • Red Hood (5*) - Healing/Minion Protection (Specialized for Guin/Utility Hero)

Guardians of Teltoc:

  • Guardian Panther (5*) - Dark Elemental Defense Down & Dispel (Titans/Offense/Defense/Events)
  • Guardian Jackal (4*) - Holy Elemental Defense Down (Titans/Offense/Events)
  • Guardian Falcon (4*) - Fire Elemental Defense Down (Titans/Offense/Events)

Sargasso and Rumpel are both pretty decent too, just not worth chasing after (imo) Some of the others might also be okay, but again, not worth chasing after.


What @RandaPanduh said. Great summary. I’m assuming that the bold heroes are first-tier important and the others interesting but less critical?


Hehe yes, you figured out my special coding for them, good job :grin:

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Arthur and Panther and Peters

may I know where is the offense position? :grin::grin:
and I want to know where the red hood’s position is right when fighting with guin?

I like jackal even though I haven’t had it yet, only I feel jackal if taken to a hard level event is a bit less resistant but I think he is suitable in duet with alby or red hood
please correct if I am wrong :man_bowing::man_bowing:

On paper Lance looks great, in reality I find that he is very squishy and the mana benefits not as great as one might think. This is at 3/70, I haven’t promoted him partly for that reason.

G. Jackal is also squishy, but he hits with some authority (not super hard, but impactful) and his elemental d down makes him worth bringing along sometimes.

My list would be:

Knights - Guin, Arthur
Pirates - Cabin Boy Peters (not super critical to roll on this event imho)
Grimmforest - Red Hood, Hansel, Gretel
Guardians - Panther, Jackal, Falcon


Jackal is definitely a glass cannon for sure, but he’s helpful in events where a lot of the mobs and/or bosses are purple, for when you’re running a yellow stack or yellow mono team for the event. You’ll probably see him on a lot of event teams during Pirates (since reflect is purple- meaning there should be a majority of purple mobs plus two purple bosses). Jackal should be playable in these events, but you’ll want to be sure to have either healing pots or a healer ready to help him, since he can only handle a few hits before he’s down.

There are plenty of other amazing 4* hitters that are like that, and they’re all still used for events (ie Grimm, Triton, Scarlett, Lancelot) for their high tile damage, and for some, their additional effect (lowered defense, lowered elemental defense, lowered attack, buff, etc).

For the most part, a team of all 60 4* can complete intermediate fairly easily, and a team of all 70 (or even half 70, other half 60) 4* & 5* can complete advanced in challenge events, as long as you bring in the right items.

As for Red Hood, I don’t know if I understand the question correctly. Do you want to know which position Red Hood should be in when facing up against a Guinevere tank? Or what her place is? Her minions protect herself and allies from mana effects, and that’s how she’s specialized for Guin tanks. Red Hood is more of a utility hero than an offensive hero, so she’ll be used more as a safety net over much of anything else.

& I typed that write-up on my nightly walk, so I’m sorry I wasn’t too specific about the categories. For me, I consider offense basically anything where you’re attacking. For what I wrote up, offense is meant mostly as offensive raiding, but I’m sure new levels on the map, quests and events could also fall under that category as well, maybe even titans (for some of them).


I like Lancelot mostly for the high attack stat and buff, so I’ll bring him in to Titan fights for tile damage and to raise attack and mana gen. Although, I do agree, raising mana gen isn’t nearly as helpful as someone like Alby’s or Misandra’s mana gain specials. Requires you to throw tiles in that specific color, within those amount of turns, and doesn’t always work out as well. Still like Lance, and still think he’s worth pulling and keeping, but yeah not as helpful or useful as Merlin for example.

Jackal is definitely better than Lance [when we’re talking glass cannon] for the holy defense down, since he’s the only hero with that special. Plus, his mana is very fast vs Lancelot’s average. Much, much more useful and practical to use (for Titans and raid attacks), and has a nice attack stat, so amazing tile damage too.

That’s why Jackal is bolded, and Lancelot is just… there. He’s worth mentioning, but not as high of a priority for pulls.


Do we actually expect Pirates in January?
I was thinking since they are introducing a fifth challenge that might be next.

From my understanding, the new challenge event hasn’t even started beta testing yet, so Pirates should be next as usual.


I haven’t heard of beta testing AIW yet…and that usually leaks

No, it hasn’t been tested in beta yet, so there’s no way that’ll be implemented til we see it there first.

Maybe after Grimmforest? Who knows, could be several months out. Looks like they’re still designing the heroes a bit, so I’m sure it’ll be sometime early to mid next year.

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