Challenge event glitch – Didn’t Get Completion Reward for Finishing After Event Ended

For the first time ever I was able to beat the legendary quest all the way, but I must’ve finished beating the last level after the quest ended (had about 16 mins left when I started the last level). After ai beat it, the green character came up and said “You’ve surpassed our expectations” then the blue one something like “you’re welcome to join us again.” Then the game got stuck, repeating the same scene over and over again instead of proceeding forward. Had no choice but to log out and log back in, and when I did, I only got a free summon token for participating in the quest, but none of the rewards for finishing the legendary tier. What do I do? I used a lot of high level battle items to beat the last level and now they are just wasted!!! If this is an issue, the game should warn people not to start the level when there’s only little time left. Please help. i’m sure the GM is able to see my account activity and see what I’m referring to. Thanks for your help.

You’re evading the point. Your unilateral belief that you understood how something worked doesn’t magically turn that belief into an enforceable term of a contract.

It does, actually, on the official support website:

Clicking on the very first post under the Events heading would have told you all you needed to know. They actually have two separate posts with this information.

It looks like they have touched up the wording in the last 24h, but the same information has been on the website for a long time. This has been how events have worked for well over 18 months.

Of course, one can file suit on almost any issue. But it looks like a dog of a case to me.

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As the next challenge event approaches, I wonder if there has been any clarification of the tier completion timing problem?

Looks to me like the link in this post is still functional:

Feel free to contact Small Giant support if you have any questions.


For the record these challenge events go on for several days. The timer starts a countdown from the beginning of the event until the end. It may not be the best strategy to wait until the event time has almost elapsed to attempt to complete it.

On a side note I alway beat all 3 tiers of the challenge events without spending any money. I use strategy in setting up my teams and bring items that I crafted for free to aid me in victory.

If a player is defeated and they chose not to “pay gems” to continue then a player can restart a failed level again from the beginning.

If a player is not strong enough to successfully compete a level they can use free world energy to play levels that can give them items that can aid in powering up their heros.

When their hero’s are at a sufficient level they can re attempt the challenge event level as long as the event is still active. I would advise checking the timer at this point to see if sufficient time remains to complete the event.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and enjoyable evening.

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The Forum is primarily for player peer support. Staff occasionally respond to posts, but it’s pretty uncommon.

If you want to talk to someone from the Staff, contacting Support will put you in contact with someone who works for SG. Posting on the Forum likely will not.

If you’d like to contact Support, instructions are here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

As an unofficial observation, the Support website does seem to say that this is the intended way for Challenge Event Rewards to work on the page @Garanwyn linked:

So I think this sounds like it’s a request for the game to work differently, not a bug per se, since it seems to be working as designed. It’s just a question of whether the design should be changed.

I don’t think there’s a post in #ideas-feature-requests suggesting changing it so Challenge Event battles completed after the end of the Event still count for Completion Rewards, so you could make one so people can vote on it.

Again, the Staff rarely respond directly to posts in that section, but they do read them, just as they usually read posts in this #bugs-issues section, but don’t typically respond directly.


Thank you for discussing the direct issue. While I appreciate all the comments provided in a constructive and helpful manner, this topic came about in response to a specific problem: failing to receive a tier completion award after starting the last level in a tier before the event timer runs out but completing it after the event timer has ended.

The link to policy language you point out seems to have very recently changed to clarify that a tier completion award will be awarded only if you complete the last level before the event ends (even if you started the level with time on the event timer.) However, this language wasn’t there at the last event.

That said. It’s good that the policy has been clarified but the policy should still be reconsidered to either 1. allow the player to receive the completion award if the game is in progress on the last level and the level is completed without restarting the level, or notify the player that the event has ended during game play so that the player can decide whether to waste further time and/or resources, or, display the event timer during the play session. I think that is important in order to be fair and clear with players.

While I appreciate comments from players on how they choose to play the game in using or not using the “continue” option, I again say that may be good advice but irrelevant to the issue here. Under the games current construction, a player is free to decide to use gems to continue or purchase pulls at rare/epic/legendary characters or purchase other items as they please. Just because that isn’t what you choose to do doesn’t mean it’s wrong for others who decide to do it. As long the Devs are clear and provide proper info to the player, the player can make his/her own gaming decisions.

This is just one criticism. The game usually provides sufficient information to players otherwise.

I answered you 23 days ago, pointing out that the official support website explained that it was not a bug or issue, but was in fact the official behavior:

You didn’t like that answer, and wrote a very inappropriate post in response, in part complaining about the words having been touched up:

Having pointed you to the official material showing exactly what the design behavior was, I really didn’t have anything more to say on the issue. But you decided to write back to me again, asking for clarification:

There hasn’t been clarification because the answer was explicit and unambiguous in the link I sent you. So I pointed you back to the exact same link I had sent you over 23 days ago, which you had already responded to and commented on (and which I therefore presumed you were aware of and recalled).

So, two things:

  1. Whether or not you are dissatisfied with either the state of the game or the answers you get, you need to follow the forum rules in your posts here. Please express your dissatisfaction and disagreement in a civil manner.

  2. Pointing out that you should feel free to contact customer support if you have any questions about their official statements on their support website isn’t “ignoring the issue.” There’s really nothing more I can say once I’ve pointed you to their official, explicit statement.


Clearly they did, because they were flagged by people who were not me, and those flags were accepted by moderators who were also not me.

You’ve had 10 total posts on this forum. Please spend some further time familiarizing yourself with the community and what is appropriate.

If you genuinely can’t distinguish which parts of your posts were inappropriate, perhaps it’s best that you not engage in debates with others here.


Seeing as there is an official support answer on this question, and it is intended behavior, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.

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a few minutes ago tale-of-grimm-event ended and i was doing my final fight in boss-level on legendary…

yes, the fight was over when the event was official over but I started it in time and finished it victoriously…

why didn’t i get the loot for clearing all levels?

i just received the summon token for being #214121 on the acoreboard…

greetz goofy

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@zephyr1 or @Garanwyn


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

This is why, unfortunately. This catches people every month, but that’s how it’s currently intended to work. You have to finish all battles before the event ends for it to count toward completion loot.


hi zephyr1,

found the former postings after gettig my post moved…

let´s put it this way: yes, it´s correct and it´s “written down” - but no, it´s not ok!!

a few minutes or rather waiting every fight to end (win or fail) would by my correct way: i spent word-energy and items (maybe even germs) to finish a job i was allowed to start - gimme the chance to finish and count on the results…


I had the same thing occur. I’m upset because I was allowed to spend gems to revive and continue the fight, yet when I won, I didn’t get the items for completing legendary levels. If the time expired mid-fight, they very minimum you should do is inform us so we can choose whether to continue using items and gems on the fight. Honestly, we’re doing it for the completion rewards because of the difficulty in gettinf ascension items, all the other minor rewards or irrelevant in relation. Really poorly designed how this is administered.


Good for you, Ken. Congrats.

Agree. This issue needs to be fixed. Those events are time consuming for people with jobs & families & outside social activities. I mean, if I could stay home all day with a coke & a bag of doritos, maybe I could get it done early, like some have posted.

Challenge event lasts for 4 days. It’s more than enough time to complete it, especially if they give a world energy flask when it begins and every completion tier loot contains another flask.

If you couldn’t complete event within 4 days and 3 free flasks, how possibly two or three additional minutes would make any difference? I think you should better plan your activities in the game if your time for playing is limited.


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