Challenge event glitch – Didn’t Get Completion Reward for Finishing After Event Ended

That’s crapola. If you start the board before end time, should give you rewards. Just like with a war hit. Got enough issues with ascension items in this game to get chintzed on a tier completion by a matter of seconds just about pushes it over the edge for me.
May be the universe saying find something better to do with your free time.


Empires & Puzzles: Come enjoy some disappointment.


Same thing here…
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I completed the Epic tier over a day ago. I did not receive my tier completion rewards either.

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I just heard: All tier completion rewards are paid from the SG CEO’s own personal loot stash. He keeps it in a treasure chest in his office, under his mahogany executive desk. Word is he hates giving out ascension items & will avoid doing so any time he can.

All makes sense now.


Sorry, first time to the forum and didn’t know where to put this. Tried posting a new post but couldn’t do it somehow. Having system issues, I just finished the legendary mode of the wonderland event, but I started the level when there was 16 mins or so but then I must have beaten it after the event ended. I got to the message saying “You’ve surpasses our expectations…” by one of the wonderland characters (the green one), but the system got stuck and wouldn’t go further, so I had to log out of the game and log back in. When I did, I got one free summon token for participating in the event and nothing more. Will I get the rewards from beating the legendary level? I used all my battle weapons like dragon and sand time clock to beat the last one, I don’t want all that to go to waste, it was my first time ever beating the legendary event. Can anyone help? Or where do I go to bring this up to the system people??

You can see the history at: Menu - Options - Support - Recent Activity

If they pulled you before the fight was over, you wouldn’t get monster kills toward your wanted chest, and you wouldn’t get the normal stage loot for completing a fight in the world (heroes, troops, crafting mats, etc.).

I think part of the confusion is that the Event completion rewards are associated with the Event itself, not with the particular fight. If the Event is no longer active when the fight completes, then there are no Event rewards to be triggered.


Same thing happened to me and it has made me reconsider the game. If the app allows you to start a battle within the event time frame it must allow you to complete it regardless of when the event ends. Period. If the matter ended up in court the developers would lose. The amount of gems necessary to complete some of those battles can amount to approx $30 a pop. The payout for a tier completion is…worthless outside the game. Developers should take this seriously before it costs them more than it needs to.


I have the same story. Until this weekend’s Wonderland event, I had never felt that the challenge events were worth my time. (I know they have good loot, but it’s too time consuming with my heros.) With about three hours left this morning, I started the four star (elite?) events because I needed the fine gloves from the completion rewards. Of course, on my fourth or fifth try on the last fight, I finally won after an approximately fifteen minute battle, but all I got for my efforts (and my entire morning) were the battle rewards and the measly participation tokens. I was so disappointed especially after spending that much time. I still deserve those rewards even though I finished a little late. Even if I had looked at the time left in the event before starting the last battle, I would have had no idea that I would have missed out like that. I thought it was a mistake until I viewed their support page about this issue. I know this probably seems dramatic, but this was almost enough to turn me off of this game. I don’t think that I should have been kicked out of the battle like some people have suggested because then I would have missed out on the battle rewards which were pretty good. I think people who go over time should be eligible for earning the completion rewards, but not increasing their ranking. That seems like a reasonable compromise.


Right. You cant take 75 or 175+ gems for a battle continuance, then end the reward mid battle. This is some crap business ethic on SG. I literally completed final board within seconds, and only thing to show for it is a lame grey token & less resources than what I started with. This issue needs to be addressed, because its present state is highly problematic, unfair & confusing.
Let us battle, expend resources &/or gems, then pull the rug.
Even titan hits warn that time is about to expire.

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If you’re spending a bunch of gems to complete a given Tier, then you’re not ready for that Tier of the Event yet. The events require no gems to complete.


Ok, this makes sense. I hadn’t thought about it.

And, honestly, since i am not in dare need of the rewards, I don’t really feel all that annoyed (except for my gems), I just feel this was not so clear for players and considering that it diverges from the pattern of wars and quests, there really should be some kind of warning about the time for the event…

@Garanwyn, is there any kind of info about this detail on the event rules? Anyway to learn about it before we learn through disappointment?

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Me too, it was way before the end of the event.

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That’s beside the point. How people decide to take on a tier is a part of the game and a personal choice. The people selling gaming services to a customer which is what I am have to follow consumer protection laws and practices. Allowing a customer to proceed and initiate a game and failing to award the tier completion award as promised is wrong and leaves them open to paying a real life penalty that costs time and $$$!

I wish. The lack of detailed tooltips can be maddening, and the new content descriptions in the release notes are usually vague too. I consider this overall to be a significant lack in the game.

The SG staff have said that they’re trying to get a more extensive in-game information system going. I have given this idea two enthusiastic thumbs up. But I’m sure that’s a huge task to retrofit into an existing game.


I believe it is very much on point for what you said. You are not obliged to spend anything, and most players complete without spending any gems at all. The content is 100% free to play. They permit us to spend gems on continues, but do not require it.

You are choosing to to spend gems in an attempt to take on content that is currently too difficult for you. I am advising against that.

So, just to be clear, I don’t work for Small Giant, and I’m not a lawyer. That said:

The timer on the event showing when the event ends has been visible for the entire time the event has been active.

If the timer on the event says 2 minutes left when you start a fight, the correct assumption is that you have those 2 minutes to finish the fight in order to receive event rewards for it.

I understand that you were hoping it would work differently. But due diligence on your part would have been to verify how it worked before spending money, rather than just blindly spending money and hoping for the best.


Irrelevant to discussion.

I completed both the Epic and Legendary way days before the end and i received no completion rewards for either level. What is going on with this. Was looking forward to Epic hero summon and other rewards.

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Can you check your Recent Activity log to see if you got the rewards and just didn’t get a pop-up message for them? You may have to hit the “more” button a few times on the log, since the rewards would have been given right when you completed stage 10 of Epic and stage 10 of Legendary, which you’re saying was a couple of days back.

If they’re not in your Recent Activity log, you’ll want to submit a support request to Small Giant. Here’s how to do that:


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