Challenge Event Feature Request - High Score for every stage

Thanks for posting - what are your tricks to do so well?

Not sure about tricks. I have been playing since the end of May, I am level 37 now. I have a nice bunch of 4*, but no 5* yet. The first event I couldn’t do beginner, since I let my 4* heroes eat all my 3s (oops). Last month I had one of each color and this month I had 2 of each color, so I could take out the reflecting one and vary with the rest. I saved 2 2 troops of every color and 2 3* troops too (for intermediate).
For beginner I just decided on the 3s I wanted to use and waited for them to come out of my trainingcamps. I think experience on playing the boards and what specials fit your playing style plays a role. I picked 3s that resemble some of my 4*s I like to play with. When replaying a level, if I felt the first waves went good, I threw in all the axes on the bosses. And I usually bring mana to fire off a special I need.
Same tactics apply to intermediate and advanced, but with more items to choose from. Next month my forge will be level 20, so I can make more.

i think my thing is I don’t replay levels unless I need to get at a particular finishing position - maybe next time I will. Seeing you do it on all 4* is pretty cool. I have 2 5* but one of them is Sartana so I couldn’t use her.

ad a page with the high scores per stage for the 3 levels so you can see were you can improve .

Wouldn’t it be cool to see the top10 for every stage in challenge events? You could see where’s room to improve and in which ones you’re close to the top.

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