Challenge Event Feature Request - High Score for every stage

Hello SG & community,

I have a small feature request that you can possibly address in the next event.

It would be great to have the high scores for each stage of the challenge event.

Two things happen if you do this:

  1. Provides information on where you stand with respect to top competitors.
  2. Makes the challenge event much more interesting by bringing in a huge pool of competitors to beat the high score rather than a select few.

That’s all I have to ask at this point of time!

Thanks for reading!

Edit: An afterthought.

If there is a cap to the max score one could get in a level then that would be a good reference point for other people to try out.

Albeit this is quite easy to accomplish, this fix would not only help others to better their scores but also help the top competitors to push for perfect scores (if they really want to do it).

Personally I would prefer the current high score for each level.

But if it’s too much to ask, then a max score that one could attain for each level would be a sufficient guideline that everyone can shoot for.

Thanks once again for your interest in this idea!


I like and don’t like this idea at the same time.

  • I like because i wanna know how good i was in the stage.
  • I don’t like because if you are really far from the best it clearly tells you that you do something wrong, and that’s something you have to know on your own.
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I like it because it shows you where you need to improve. Some stages are easier to get high scores in than others. If you see someone is 20-30k above you, it is worth replaying. If top is only a few k above, maybe not woth the energy


Share within your alliance - when someone completes one of the tiers they post their scores. I personally drop them in an excel sheet to see where the best bang for the buck is.

Also, though I have no concrete definitive evidence, the max score appears to increase per level. So (by example) if your score dips on level 6 from level 5, you probably left a good chunk on the table.

My current rough scores:

1 - 29k
2 - 32k
3 - 37k
4 - 41k
5 - 44k
6 - 54k
7 - 44k*
8 - 54k*
9- 53k*
10 - 73k

I’m only through 8 but its CLEAR to me there’s a lot on the table in stage 7, and probably something on 8 (hence the asterisk). I also have my scores from last time and know I scored 7k higher on stage 7 last time (hence why I know there’s something on the table).

Hope this helps!

UPDATE - for final two stages. I am at 465k overall and like 600th place. I may go back at 7 and 9 if I look to fall out of top 1000.

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Based on the previous event score thread I am guessing that you could hit 75k+ scores on the last two stages of Beginner event.

I don’t have any information w.r.t Intermediate or Advanced. If anybody can share the high scores they have achieved please feel free to share them so that we can have benchmark to shoot for when trying to compete for top scores.


I will do what I did last time - when I clear out everything I will post the general scores and position at the time of posting. I can probably do it for all three but advanced will be UGLY based on my prior experiences.


I sign under it with both my paws. It would spice things up nicely.

I don’t buy the whole “figure out yourself if you’re doing well” thing at all. Judging whether your great board was amazing or just great blindly is neither skillful nor interesting. Same goes for guessing if 4k difference between stages is the sweet point of growth or maybe it’s different between 4 and 5 and 7 and 8 or gods know what.

Thinking up how to improve a score on the level you know you suck at despite having a great board might be something tactical.

I believe I posted my Beginner scores last event (ended up in top 50), but I spam too much so I don’t have time to find them. If someone’s bored and needs them feel free to dig in :stuck_out_tongue:


Here it is, your post from last time :grinning:
And it took me less than a minute to retrieve it. And I am busy, not bored :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for contributing to the discussion! @Ronin :grinning:

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Yish, I thought it was a post not a topic. Well anyway, maybe it will be useful to someone. I’m passing on Beginner this time around, the rewards are just too lame below top 10 to bother :scream_cat:

I’m roughly place #300 in Intermediate. I would like to be higher but I don’t have a fully ascended team. My scores as follows;
1: 47k
2: 49k
3: 51k
4: 55k
5: 57k
6: 60k
7: 66k
8: 64k
9: 66k
10: 93k

I can see I need improvement on 8 & 9. Anyone else have comparables?
Edit: I’m currently at 611k master score.

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@leeperZ96BT thank you for posting you scores, it really helped me put thing into perspective. Really helpcul!

#22 in Intermediate, maybe this will help someone, sure wish I could see the scores from higher up, but dem stronger peoples not only hiding their scores but also their teams :stuck_out_tongue: :



All the more reason for us to get this feature in the next event! :grinning:

Thanks for sharing your scores! @2Spookd @Ellilea

Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed their challenge event run!

I have posted my screenshots for your reference. I mainly focussed on the beginner level as I don’t have the required heroes to compete in intermediate or advanced level.

1st level score was ~34k
Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with regards to the requested feature change and even share your scores.


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I redid levels 7 & 9 and upped to almost 490k, if that matters. Can’t get my final scores but it was about +7k on each over what I posted.

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If people still want others scores, I do have screenshots of all difficulty levels for my account.

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Please do post them!

Final ranks were 24, 98 and 85 :grinning:


Amazing! Congrats! :smiley:

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