Challenge event december


Hi all, someone know when the challenge event of december start?


isnt Save the winter the event this December?


Guardians of Teltoc will also run this month, but no date has been announced

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In previous months the event has started on the second Thursday of the month. If they continue that, the Guardians would start on the 14th.


Yeah, should start tomorrow if it’s at the same time like the last months. Was always at the second weekend of a month from thursday to sunday. (The thursday does not have to be the second one, sunday is enough.)


It just appears on the map :wink:
But I see no information if it’s the Guardians of teltoc again or Knights of the Round


It’s the guardians. Dev’s have confirmed that already on this forum :wink:


Anybody know what elements we will be up against with the Teltoc’s? I know the P
irate’s were predominantly Dark.


Some enemies will reflect the Light damage.


Yep, no yellows in your teams on this one :slight_smile:


Except Wu Kong of course


I never really thought about that, but wouldn’t his special just accelerate his own death? :slight_smile:


Only if you use yellow tiles on yellow reflect. Strategize around that and save yellow tiles for the non reflect enemies or holes in defense


Seems like a lot of effort in a timed event. But - I am betting that when you get used to that strategy (he’s new to my team) it’s easier.


The challenge event plays differently than, say, raids because you can repeat them without penalty (except used battle items and flags). Completing each level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) brings a nice package of loot. The last phase of each level is brutal, though, and Wu Kong can tip the balance. Sure, one time he may fail you, but you only need to win once, and his special may push you over the top.

Unfortunately I only got my Wu recently, and I don’t think he’s going to be ready for prime time soon enough.


I have a bunch of lvl 70 4* and 5* and some other 4* on tier 4 like half way there - made round two of Pirates much easier and I cleared advanced this time (vs. just completing one level). We’ll see how it goes this time and I’ll keep the Wu wild card in the back of my mind.


so they’ll be reflecting yellow, does that mean purple will do extra damage?


No, purple will do the same damage as it always does


Well,yes, but purple does extra damage against yellow even normally. Note that there are also purple bosses in Guardians, so it’s a tricky balance to set up your team. Needs to vary level to level.