Challenge event classes/groups

Simple idea so that the hoards of players who are not named “Zero” have a chance at winning something decent in the Challenge Event (oh, and congrats to Zero for winning all three categories, beg/int/adv).

Have classes/groups, just like in in a Marathon race (they use age groups) - something like AGE: 18-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49.

While one person does win the overall marathon, only a person in the age group can win the age group. No person can will all the groups. No man can win the women’s category, no woman the men’s, and only a wheelchair participant can win the wheelchair group.

How about having something similar for the Challenge Events? Group players by their level
e.g. <20, 20-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, 45+. Each group could have it’s own set of rewards.

It should not be difficult to show group ranking and the global ranking, should people care. You could vary the difficulty of the challenge event by the groups, as well. Which would be awesome for participants, since very few, if any, of the members in my alliance with player level in the mid-20’s were able to complete the challenge on intermediate, only 3 of 30 people completed advanced (we are a 7/8* titan alliance of score 88,000)

for me, this challenge event was the least fun of any of the 4-5 of them that i have participated in. i really didn’t feel compelled to try and up my scores to achieve receiving a summon token and a world energy. Tier completion rewards were ok on advanced, but not really on beg or intermediate.

Thought for the day. Thanks for listening.


If I had to compete according to my level, I’d be in a world of hurt! :scream:

I’m at lvl 42 and STILL without my first fully ascended 5*, though he’s getting close! I would only ever get silver tokens for sure.


in my made up challenge event, you and all the other level 40-45 players would still compete in beg/int/advanced challenges. you would just have a smaller competition pool and would be more likely to compete for top rewards… e&p would just have to give out more top rewards. nice thing is, no one can stop from leveling up if they want to progress in the game.

btw, i’m at level 33 and was able to finish beg, int and advanced. i have 2 5* leveled to the 3rd ascension tier. i don’t have enough materials to level any color 5* to 4th level ascension - i feel your pain!


What about giving X reward when over X points (no peoples limit) and also writing the cap of the points you can have for each stage?

Ex. Zero have scored 545,005 at beginner level.
If the threshold of the best prize were 530,000 also ch1ter1 (536,260) and mister-random (535,675) could have won the same things as zero (maybe not the prestigious avatar but the useful hero and the items).

This way it could be more “fair” to everyone and it’ll encourage players to improving their score and to not drop the event after the first run.

I like this idea a lot. I had a less-good idea, actually capping participation in a tier. So, say, once you hit level 30, you can’t play beginner. The OP’s grouping idea is much better, as everyone can play but truly new players aren’t competing with the top-tier players.

It would make more sense for the tiers to be defined with only a cap, e.g.

  • Novice: <level 20
  • Apprentice: <level 28
  • Journeyman: <level 36
  • Master: open

While I’m sure that SG intended the three tiers to capture this level difference, they underestimated the value of resources available to upper level players

  • more flags (and more flags per flask)
  • effectively unlimited battle items
  • high-level optimized troops
  • every 3* hero in the game, fully maxed

Selfishly, I don’t like it. I’d only be able to compete in Master where I’d say, even though I am level 38, I am not in the master class by far in terms of time playing, heroes and skill. Beginner doesn’t really mean beginner in the challenge events, the titles mean the restrictions placed on it. No true beginner can compete in the challenge event. I barely scraped by the first one 4 months in!

Plus I had the most fun in beginner and intermediate, Advanced was more of a ‘can I survive it.’

I don’t get why they just don’t do % based on participation ( I.E. top .1% get top reward, etc.), or put in a true beginner category that caps it a 2* heroes and 1* items and troops - doesn’t take much effort to field that team or get one up to speed quick. If the rewards truly benefit beginners you also won’t see experience folks creeping in.

To be frank, this would absolutely dick the old loyal players, who cannot afford to spend a lot and have no luck with their SH20 and stuff. For this reason, I don’t like this idea.

All that seems to be good ideas.

  • Dividing for levels (every 5 levels is too much in my opinion, but generally the idea of “experience” ladder)
  • Score cap (behind that score you get that price)
  • Improving quantity of items and people rewarded (instead 1, 2-10, 11-50 we get a percentage of people)

And so on.
But all that now sounds to me only an attempt to find some kind of Zeroproof method, lol.

And you have to take in consideration if it’s easy to do that kind of structure for developers too.

You’d compete in master, but still beg/int/adv. Probably no difference for you in that case, still fun in beg and int, still lose to Zero lol

It’s all his/her fault! :slight_smile:

I would put the limit that you can participate only in one category.

I dont know if level is a good idea or hero roster would be better… I am at level 25 and still only have 1 4* hero (Li Xiu :smirk:) while I see people in my alliance that are around level 20 that already have 5 4* hero’s.
So just level alone maybe not the best option to devide. Suggestion would be level combined with highest possible heroscore or something like that?

If you read the discussion below that post you quoted, you’ll see that your concern was echoed by others. Level is a poor proxy for capability, I now agree.

There were some further suggestions about how to make rewards more equitable. E.g.:

  • add (or redefine) some award tiers based on achieving a certain score …
  • … or being in the top n% of participants
  • limit a player to pulling loot from one level only. Participate in as many as you want, but if you qualify for more than one ranked award, you’ll have to choose which award you want. The loot you don’t take is given to players below you in that level’s score. (You can still earn all the completion bonuses)

That’s an awesome idea!

IMHO the participation reward should be a little better too. Throw in some arrows or like 2-5 gems in there. Also I’d change the loot for being the best player. Maybe remake the loot & e.g make 1st place loot a loot for 1-10, the best player gets something extra like gems or summon tokens. As far as I know, the good loot (with ascesion mats) starts really really high (top 100 I think?). I’d remake it a bit, no sudden or big changes but something that would make the weaker players more eager to fight.

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Yeah but you could play all levels and then choose you would always choose the better loot - so higher level. And so instead of Zero it would be other top player who would take the price on lower levels. Limit players to play only one level is better idea imao. Or the levels could correspond to raids arenas which pretty well define how far you are with leveling heroes and everythig. So there would be 5 levels instead of 3 which means higher chance to get some better rank. And you would be able to choose playing higher levels (for better reward) but not lower ones.

This is my first challenge; I’m a new and very player of less than a month. I’ve spent a bit and did a 10-pack summons, plus single digit numbers of elemental summons to fill gaps at various times. I’ve now got one 5*, a 4* in all the other colors, and some extra 4* in green and purple. In a week or so, I’ll have heroes waiting on the ascension items that I can’t find on the map…

I think I’m playing the game right. I’m putting lots of time into it.

The last level of the beginner challenge is difficult for me, but I think I’ll get past it in a few more tries. At my current level of team development, I don’t expect to get more than a completion reward and a participation bonus. I’m not even dissapointed about that.

But I looked at the leaderboard and the reward tiers, and that was horribly discouraging.

I don’t see myself having a shot at a reward tier good enough to include ascension items in the next six months. Even at beginner level!

I’m glad that the completion and participation rewards are worth something…cuz I really question if I’ll EVER see more than that.

Small giant, you can do something better. Player level tiers sounds like the best way to make something available to both somebody like me … or me in two months … and top ranked level 50+ players.

Winning Beginner or even intermediate doesn’t require an unreasonable investment. It does require focus, preparation and skill. 3* heroes are relatively easy to come by and easy to level up. Likewise with 2* troops. So why do you think you can’t win it in a few months? There is literally nothing that the people at the top of that leaderboard have (for in-game resources) that you can’t get with a few months of work.

Now, Advanced, that I will quickly grant favors people who have been playing a long time and either spent heavily or been very lucky.

I’m sure I could build a team similar to the winner’s of 3* maxed heroes in time for next month’s challenge, including extras of various colors if I try; no problem.

I expect to have a team of 4* 3/60 heroes by then, 'tho I might not have many able to ascend toward 4/70 by then, so I will have a chance of finishing the intermediate event too, but my results there will be like my beginner results here and now; a chance of being competitive there is more than a month off for me.

That said, the scores that are winning are way more than just completion. I’m at 276,776, rank 100k, and I expect to get ~20k more when I finish the last stage; dunno how much my rank will go up.

I’ll round up and call it a score of 300k. Now let me look at the leaderboard and compare to the significant rewards, with one day remaining; it may be worse at the end:

Place #50: 438,275 - lowest that Includes epic hero token, epic troop token, and one non-farmable 3* ascension item. (This is worth competing for/spending something for)

Place #100: 429,259 (Actually this is good down to 1000) - WE flask & daily summon token. Not all that impressed…

Place 1001-10,000 : Just the daily summon…and I doubt I’ll even qualify for that at this rate!

At this rate, I could reasonably expect to break 10k next month fairly easily. If I burned lots of WE re-trying levels looking for amazing combo boards and burned items like crazy for a better score, I might well get up over rank 1000. I’m not even sure what it would take to get a score in the top 10…and that is where the rewards (in my estimation) go from worthwhile to exciting enough to want to chase after.

I like Kerridoc’s idea the best, although I really do think that the only way to make this reasonable, would be to automatically assign the loot for the highest rank a player reaches. If (picking a random name) Zero ranks first in Advanced, he would take Advanced loot and couldn’t get anything from intermediate and beginner. If player Y gets first in Intermediate and fifth in Advanced, he would take Intermediate loot and people in Advanced would go one place up.

This doesn’t solve the problem completely, but would give a better chance for everyone to compete for better loots. The idea that the most powerful players take it all even in Beginner mode, is honestly infuriating.

So you think it’s reasonable that there are no events where players of level 25 or lower can compete to win top prizes, but players of level 50+ can compete in every event, including those fancy new 11*+ titans that beginners can not hope to compete in for months and months and after $$$$ investment.

It’s great that there’s competitive battle going on at the top 100 level, but anyone who says you can compete as a new player against the veterans level 50+, go create an alternative account and give it a try. I guarantee you, you will not be leveling heroes as fast as you think, crafting naterials as fast as you think and you will most certainly not come close to winning any challenge event.

To protect the concept that one person could win every category of an event is counterproductive to the game community and the growth of newer players.

E&p could even create categories, lower than level 25, 25-35, 35-45, 50+ and us veterans don’t even have to know about it. It’s still be great for the community.